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Secure sharing for Consulting

Fast, reliable document sharing with live analytics that helps close deals. Start sharing smarter today.

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Protect your document ecosystem

Teams around the world rely on Sizle to secure their digital assets every day.


  • Fast Upload & Import
  • Drag-And-Drop Files
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Team Content Hubs


  • Grant & Revoke Access
  • Viewer Email Verification
  • Secure Access Codes
  • Expiry & Burn Timer


  • Rapid Viewer Response
  • Anonymous Comments
  • Real-Time Open Alerts
  • Live File Analytics


What is Sizle?

Sizle is a collaborative document platform that helps you create and share mission-critical documents more safely and effectively.
No matter what you’re sharing, ensure the right files are sent to the right people at the right time.

Who is Sizle for?

Sizle was built to improve the daily lives of individuals and teams that rely on paperless documents to run and grow their business. Built for simplicity and speed, Sizle connects the dots in your workflow to unlock efficiency and protect your information with the only end-to-end document toolkit built for remote work.

Can I use Sizle for free?

Yes! Sizle is free for individuals and small teams. Click here to get started for free today.


What people say about Sizle

Simple sharing.
Powerful insights.