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What is Sizle?

Sizle enables lecturers, students, professors and education technology teams the tools they need to work in a fast, secure, collaborative manner. Sizle makes cultivating a remote learning environment that encourages engagement and productivity easy with a suite of document sharing, viewer feedback and audience engagement tools.

Sizle for Education

Deliver engaging presentations and lectures every time

Teachers and students appreciate how easy it is to give cross-platform presentations, share course material and annotate lecture slides when using Sizle. See how engaged students are in the material being delivered with Sizle’s real-time document analytics.

Sizle Document Analytics
Sizle Document Analytics

Sizle is built for remote learning and virtual classrooms

In today’s world, virtual learning is more common than ever before. Remote learning relies heavily on technology that can get the job done, and it’s never been more critical for teachers and learning coaches to have modern technology at their fingertips. Sizle makes it easy for teachers to give students top-quality virtual lessons.

Document collaboration

Document collaboration is a vital part of virtual learning and teaching. Gone are days of playing catch-up via email. In the current age, it is necessary for multiple people to all be able to work on a file or document simultaneously. Sizle helps teachers, students, and education professionals communicate and work on the same paper, project, and share notes with each other securely.

Sizle Link Analytics

Secure document access

Secure document collaboration is critical for remote learning. Making sure the correct files get to the right people matters, and Sizle makes that process easy. In virtual learning, it is paramount that educators ensure that students have access to the resources they need to succeed, that means making sure only the right people can view your documents. With Sizle, documents can be shared with individuals and groups with access control, viewer email verification, document expiry timers, deletion rules and more security controls.

Sizle for Students

Students appreciate Sizle’s smooth and simple user experience. Course content created and shared via Sizle has secure and easy access, and teachers and coaches have complete document governance control. Documents and files can be imported directly from Dropbox, Google Drive or uploaded directly before being shared individually or with a group.

Virtual classrooms

Teachers can take remote learning to the next level by keeping track of student engagement  live presentation analytics. Sizle’s analytics makes it easy to stay aware of how everyone is doing. Real-time viewer engagement alerts help teachers gauge who is working on course material during virtual lessons and live comments ensure students can give feedback and ask questions in real-time.

Education technology

Virtual lessons are impossible to run effectively without the right technology in place for students and teachers.


Here’s how Sizle supports education workflows.

  • Planning new coursework
  • Designing new programs
  • Coaching staff and students
  • Creating and storing content
  • Communicating with the team in real-time
  • Troubleshooting

Get started today

Students, educators, and education technology teams around the world rely on Sizle to create, distribute and analyze documents.


Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Secure document sharing
  • Safe and fast communication
  • Collaborative virtual workspaces
  • Easy file conversion
  • Multiple methods for secure document delivery
  • Latest tech in online document viewing

Protect your document ecosystem

Teams around the world rely on Sizle to secure their digital assets every day.


  • Fast Upload & Import
  • Drag-And-Drop Files
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Team Content Hubs


  • Grant & Revoke Access
  • Viewer Email Verification
  • Secure Access Codes
  • Expiry & Burn Timer


  • Rapid Viewer Response
  • Anonymous Comments
  • Real-Time Open Alerts
  • Live File Analytics


What is Sizle?

Sizle is a collaborative document platform that helps you create and share mission-critical documents more safely and effectively.
No matter what you’re sharing, ensure the right files are sent to the right people at the right time.

Who is Sizle for?

Sizle was built to improve the daily lives of individuals and teams that rely on paperless documents to run and grow their business. Built for simplicity and speed, Sizle connects the dots in your workflow to unlock efficiency and protect your information with the only end-to-end document toolkit built for remote work.

Can I use Sizle for free?

Yes! Sizle is free for individuals and small teams. Click here to get started for free today.


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