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Spend more time building relationships with the document collaboration platform for finance teams.

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Go beyond file sharing

Create delightful document experiences and make better, data-driven decisions.

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What is Sizle?

Sizle helps organizations in the financial services industry improve efficiencies, and satisfy numerous compliance requirements. Sizle’s secure document sharing benefits virtually all financial services, including banking, lending, venture capital, accounting, data compliance, PII/IP protection, and more.

Sizle for Financial Services

Secure sharing made simple

Sizle helps you share information quickly and effectively. Teams can send and receive documents containing sensitive information and deliver exceptional customer and patient outcomes, all while knowing that their data is secure

Sizle Document Analytics
Sizle Document Analytics

Reduce risk of data breach

Financial institutions are no exception to the various laws in place to protect their clients’ data. Sizle prioritizes document security and safeguards sensitive data to give you peace of mind.

Peace of mind

Sizle’s content management system for finance gives teams the tools to ensure data protection compliance and safeguard customer information.

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Secure document sharing

Sizle is easy to use and teams can can create, share, and manage documents through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. Meanwhile, business partners, clients and customers get a streamlined and engaged document experience every time.

Document security hygiene

Sizle gives you complete control over the security of your documents. Grant, restrict or revoke access to documents at custom intervals or triggers. Sizle helps teams take control of their document security hygiene in a single click.

Protect your documents

Sizle helps you speed up your sales workflow, reduce cloud storage and infrastructure costs and satisfy numerous compliance requirements with greater document security and governance.

Collaborative analysis

Sizle allows teams to exchange mission-critical documents with clients, see how files are viewed and engaged with and use smart alerts to make better, data-driven follow ups.

Protect your document ecosystem

Teams around the world rely on Sizle to secure their digital assets every day.


  • Fast Upload & Import
  • Drag-And-Drop Files
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Team Content Hubs


  • Grant & Revoke Access
  • Viewer Email Verification
  • Secure Access Codes
  • Expiry & Burn Timer


  • Rapid Viewer Response
  • Anonymous Comments
  • Real-Time Open Alerts
  • Live File Analytics


What is Sizle?

Sizle is a collaborative document platform that helps you create and share mission-critical documents more safely and effectively.
No matter what you’re sharing, ensure the right files are sent to the right people at the right time.

Who is Sizle for?

Sizle was built to improve the daily lives of individuals and teams that rely on paperless documents to run and grow their business. Built for simplicity and speed, Sizle connects the dots in your workflow to unlock efficiency and protect your information with the only end-to-end document toolkit built for remote work.

Can I use Sizle for free?

Yes! Sizle is free for individuals and small teams. Click here to get started for free today.


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