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Working out how to convert DOCX to PDF can both be simple and difficult, and finding the right online tool for your conversion is important. There are numerous converters out there, both paid and free. However, you don’t need all of them to convert DOCX to PDF effectively; you only need one.

Either if you work for yourself or in a company, you’ll frequently work with documents. Now, there are several formats of documents; PDF, DOCX. Txt, epub, etc. However, there is no telling that DOCX and PDF are the most common out of these types. Although, the latter is better by any standard.

The advantages of PDF explain why official collaborations require the conversion of DOCX to PDF per time. Owing to this, you need a platform that easily facilitates the creation, editing, management, and sharing of PDFs.

With this article, we’ll explore document conversion for DOCX to PDF formats in-depth. But, first, let’s understand everything there is about the two document formats.

What is a DOCX Document?

The DOCX document is a Microsoft word document containing texts, images, tables, links, etc. You can open this document format with Microsoft Word – Microsoft’s proprietary text editor. Other text editors and document tools that can open word documents online or offline include; WPS Office, Google Docs, etc.

The DOCX format is a more portable and optimized version of the ‘doc’ format (Microsoft). In addition, the DOCX format is easy to send via email or store on a hard drive because it’s the compressed version of the doc format.

DOCX format documents can also be used in official settings, especially when the document still needs editing. The editing flexibility makes DOCX documents perfect for articles, newsletters, advertisements, etc. DOCX documents are also used in creating resumes and cover letters. However, as important as the editing flexibility of DOCX documents is, it’s also a major downside.

Owing to the downsides of DOCX documents, it’s advisable to convert to PDF before sharing. However, before you convert to PDF, it’s best to ensure that no further editing is needed.

What are the Shortfalls of .DOCX documents?

Uncontrolled Edit

Editing is a major advantage of DOCX files, and it’s also the leading shortfall. Unfortunately, the ease with which one can edit DOCX files puts them at risk. When you share a DOCX document, a third party can easily access the content and modify it without your permission.

The ease of manipulation makes DOCX format not be the best way to share documents. If you are sharing sensitive, large documents, it’s easy for anyone to add details in areas you won’t easily detect. For instance, it’s not advisable to share contracts via word documents.

Lack of Due Diligence in Creating the Document

Because you know you can easily make corrections to the document, you subconsciously don’t spend much time creating the document. Hence, there is a very high tendency of errors. The increase in error-tendency makes the collaboration process longer. However, with file formats like PDF, you understand that it’s not easy to make edits. Hence, you’ll spend more time on error checks.

Edit Issues

When writing a DOCX document, some functions can misbehave. For instance, the bullets and numberings can suddenly have a mind of their own. As a result, the hassle with formatting occurs, especially with numbering, when you need sub-numbering work done.

Also, it’s not easy to format images and figures. The position of the image in a particular DOCX document also depends on the size of the device opening the document. However, your images and figures remain where you want them to be with PDFs, irrespective of which device opens the document.

What are PDF Documents?

PDF is short for portable document format. In the 1990s, PDF as a document format was created by Adobe. However, the company had to relinquish control over the format in 2008. The International Organization for Standardization took over the format, making it an open standard. The PDF format makes it impossible to modify the content of a document that has been saved. Hence, the document can only either be shared or printed. However, for any further edit, it’s possible to convert back to DOCX format. Conversion from PDF to DOCX format, however, always distorts the formatting of the document.

As of today, several tools can edit, merge and read PDF files. Tools that can open PDF documents include; Foxit reader, adobe acrobat reader, Google drive, Nitro reader, etc. The formatting doesn’t change once a document is saved in PDF, irrespective of the tool you open it with.

The reluctance of PDF to modification is why it’s the top choice for official uses. Hence, you must know how to convert DOCX to PDF easily. Furthermore, as a professional, you’ll work on the creation of several documents. Therefore, knowing how to transform between the two formats easily is important.

Types of PDF Files

There are three major PDF types, though other minor modifications have been done to the format over the years (for instance, the ability to put a passcode on a document).

True PDFs

True PDFs are documents created by tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs or a printer. These PDF types are effectively called digitally created PDFs. The content of these PDF formats can range from images to text, tables, figures, etc. True PDFs can be converted, edited, and text thereon can be selected.

Scanned PDFs

Hardcopy documents (paper) can be converted into PDF format. You can do this either with a printer or mobile app designed for ‘scan’ and ‘create’ functions. However, the content of the scanned PDFs is only images, which you cannot select the texts. Also, you can’t search through scanned PDFs like True PDFs.

Searchable PDFs

These are scanned PDFs that have been subject to Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The OCR analyses and read the characters on the document. The text analysis is then used to create an underlying text layer for the document. Hence, the documents become searchable for the user.

Why You Should Convert DOCX to PDF

Everything we’ve explained so far has most likely given insight into why PDFs are better DOCX formats. However, beyond edit and format benefits, let’s look at other advantages of converting DOCX to PDF online.


You can easily secure your PDF document with a password. You won’t get such security with DOCX documents. Using a password on PDF documents makes it the best format for sensitive and vital information or data. Also, it’s almost impossible for viruses or malware to breach the document.

Version independence

DOCX files can give you issues if you are opening them with the wrong software version. However, PDFs are universally compatible with different versions of the opening software. In addition, the version independence of PDF makes it easy to merge two or more documents.

Details in Feedback

When working with PDFs, you can easily highlight texts, add notes, and perform other functions. In addition, annotations make it easy to navigate and understand complex documents.

How To Convert DOCX Files to PDF Using Sizle

Sizle is a free platform to convert DOCX to PDF online. Sizle is widely used by product teams worldwide, thanks to its fast and easy conversion process. Below is a breakdown of how to convert DOCX online with Sizle.

Selecting the File

To get started, visit the dashboard page to upload your document. You can also upload and convert Word to PDF. You can also convert images and other formats to PDF on Sizle. You can also upload PDF documents you want to edit further.

Customize and Edit the Document

When your upload is complete, you can carry out any modification to the document. Modifications include; annotations, markups, removal or addition of a page, creating access permissions, and establishing analytics. Sizle has several annotations and markup tools you can leverage while working on your document. There are also numerous other tools to work on

Download your Document

When you are done editing your document, you’ll click on download as PDF. You can then go ahead to share the document with the team. Sizle is a great document tool for remote teams. The platform is the all-in-one document toolkit for centralized or decentralized teams.

Advantages of Using Sizle To Convert DOCX to PDF

Sizle is a great DOCX to PDF converter. Even as a free tool, Sizle comes with several functionalities that make it the preferred choice for worldwide teams. Here are some advantages of using the Sizle PDF converter.

Helps You Save Time

Sizle is a powerful tool that saves you time in the long run. If you try to convert DOCX online, most tools compromise the formatting. However, you don’t have to worry about losing your formatting when using Sizle. When you don’t have to reformat the document, you save time. Also, the presence of tools like annotations helps you save time in the long run.

Optimized for Teams

Sizle is a tool that’s optimized for teams. Hence, it’s easy to collaborate on documents if you manage remote teams or work in one. Once you are done working on a document, you can easily share it with others. The ease of sharing documents with Sizle accounts for a more interesting approach to making presentations for teams. The platform has features to help you make better presentations.

Other Options To Convert DOCX to PDF

When it’s time to convert DOCX to PDF, there are other tools you can use. Most of these tools, however, don’t give you the flexibility that comes with Sizle. Agreed, you can use Microsoft Word to convert your documents to PDF. However, there are limits to the customizations you can make. Sizle allows for all of those – annotations, animations, etc. In addition, the tools on Sizle make the customizations easy, which you won’t find with Microsoft word.

You can also use adobe acrobat Pro DC can also convert Word documents to PDF. However, there is a limit to the flexibility it also offers. The flare that comes with free Sizle isn’t available on Adobe Acrobat.

Factors to Consider When Choosing DOCX to PDF Converter

When choosing a DOCX to PDF converter, there are several factors to consider. Different tools come with different upsides, downsides, features, limitations, etc. Hence, you must do your due diligence before investing your time in a particular tool.

What You Need to do

As a professional, the documents you need to work on transcends DOCX and PDF. Hence, you should select a tool that’s comfortable with other document formats. Furthermore, while working, you shouldn’t be jumping from one document to another. Hence, it’s important to opt for a universal tool like Sizle that can convert from other formats to PDF.

Quality of Output

The quality of the final document is also an important factor to consider. A good PDF converter retains the quality of the document you uploaded. Tools like Sizle will even make it better. Hence, how a tool that converts Word to PDF treats fonts, layout, effects, image quality, etc., is important.

Processing Speed

A major determining factor to consider is how long it takes for a tool to process your edit during conversion. You need a tool that saves you time. Hence, try out different tools to know how fast it takes you to get work done on a document. Tools like Sizle are designed to get things done in less than half the time other tools use.

Ease of Use

The greatest products are those that are easy to use. Hence, a PDF conversion tool is only as great as its ease of use. Therefore, it would be best if you opted for an intuitive platform.

Final Take

As a professional, you’ll get to convert loads of DOCX documents to PDF. Doing this can be time-consuming. Hence, you need a tool that both gets the job done and saves you time.

Not only will Sizle help you better customize your document, but you can also get added security on-demand. Sizle is the most user friendly DOCX to PDF converter out there.

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