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Mission critical document sharing.

Fast, reliable document sharing with live analytics and managed access. No size limits. Unlimited storage.

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More features & capabilities

Connect the dots in your workflow.

Quick start
Easily import documents from Dropbox, Google Drive and more

Annotate & markup
 Quickly edit and customize documents right in your browser

Document protection
Secure your documents with PIN access and permission rules

Link & open tracking
Get notified when your documents are opened

Document analytics
See page-by-page document engagement insights

Rapid viewer response
Get fast document feedback and comments from viewers

Access control
Control document expiry and personalise access permissions

Customer insights
Stay on the pulse and tailor personalized follow ups with data

File conversion
Fast and reliable PDF conversion from popular file types

How it works

Choose files

Upload and import documents quickly and accurately in more than 20 different file formats, even at over 1GB+ or 10,000+ pages.

Quick edit

Add, edit and merge files in a powerful, responsive document viewer that displays your documents flawlessly on every device.

Share & discover

Control who can view your file with custom, managed links and see how and when your documents are engaged with.

Testimonials and reviews

What people are saying about us.

“The best part about using Sizle is the analytics. It gives me great joy to find out who viewed it, which slides they focused on, and for how long.”

CK. PatelSoftware Architect at McKinsey & Company

“Understanding when, where, and how much the recipients of our decks are engaged helps tremendously with our follow-up.”

Tom DenisonFounder of SmartHealth Biotech

“The insights and analytics are detailed and useful. No longer to I have to wonder if a client has opened an email.”

Brandon J.Recruitment Consultant at Wyn&Co

“Sizle is definitely one of those products you think have a pretty niche target demographic until you start using it yourself and see how it can easily integrate into your workflow.”

David CICT Application Officer

“Shared with the sales team who were amazed that they could "see" what slides the clients were reviewing in real-time.”

Scott DaviesEngineering Sales, Briggs PLC

“Sizle is incredibly easy to use. Simply upload your document and choose your sending options and you get detailed analytics on who viewed it.”

Zunaid K.Consultant at Profit Flow

“If you need a product that combines the best of Google Drive and other cloud services, Sizle is for you.”

Sunny PElectronic Engineer

“Seeing how much time prospects spend on each slide of a presentation a helps us optimize all of our sales and marketing collateral.”

Oliver HeycoopFounder of Altatek Motorsport

“I find the concept of using a presentation together with a lead capture workflow genius, I use Sizle when I need to send a document to a new prospect.”

Tayshiro K.Community Manager

“Sizle is a great tool to easily share files that we do not want to be copied or modified.”

Alexandre dos Santos P.Professor at University of Lavras

“Sizle met our expectations then surpassed them when we saw what a big difference knowing how a client is engaging with our proposal makes.”

Sorin A.Digital Marketing Manager

“From the ability to quickly create a document to the selection of secure ways to share it and even view analytics, Sizle has improved my document-sharing process.”

Seth D.Health Coach

Simple sharing.
Powerful insights.