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Untitled Presentation – Create & Import from Google Slides

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Updated January 2023

Presentations are influential in the consulting, marketing, and education industries.

They are a tool for both the presenter and the audience to enjoy more meaningful learning when done well.

For the speaker, a presentation serves as an outline of talking points and a hub to efficiently access other resources, such as embedded videos.

The audience benefits from an engaging visual presentation aids and notetaking reference, especially when meetings or classes take place through Zoom.

During the video call, the host can share their screen and showcase their presentation or send the slides out for the audience to follow along.

Because of these changes in the way people work and hold virtual meetings, interactive presentations have been in high demand, mainly when a presenter requires signatures or feedback from their audience.

To make that process safer and more manageable, secure sharing tools are necessary to ensure that all parties can access and edit presentations online.

Creating a Presentation in Sizle

In more than 130 countries, Sizle is a trusted platform for secure communication and file sharing. It’s ideal for organizing several different images and documents into a single, shareable file that users can edit.

The presenters can share this file with the intended recipients, who can then use Sizle to:

  • Make trackable annotations, such as highlights, strikethroughs, shapes, and text
  • Provide signatures
  • Measure audience attentiveness and engagement
  • Click checkboxes or radio buttons
  • Fill out list boxes and combo box fields
  • Add viewer passwords and email verification
  • Share the document securely

Once you learn how to use Sizle’s toolbar, it’s easy to get exactly the information you need safely and securely.

Step 1: Gather Your Files and Images

Get your resources organized. Find all the documents and images you plan to use in your presentation, then place them in a folder on your desktop.

Step 2: Click the Create Button

On the Sizle dashboard, locate the “Create” button in the upper left-hand corner. When you click it, select the first option titled “New Document.” This will open a blank template for you to start working.

Note: IGoogle Slides is a popular presentation collaboration platform. If your document is titled ‘Untitled Presentation’ be sure to give it a name.

Step 3: Drop Images and Documents into the Sidebar

Check that your sidebar is visible. It should appear on the far left as a list of pages in your new document.

If it’s not visible, click the “Panel” toggle on the left, directly under the “Back to Home” button.

Open the folder you made in step one and drag the files into the sidebar. Each individual item will become its own “slide.”

Step 4: Arrange Your Presentation in the Correct Order

If some of your documents are out of order, drag them to the correct position in the sidebar. Your presentation will adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Add Fields for Interactive Feedback and Fillable Forms

On all documents or images that need signatures, feedback, or edits, create fields using Sizle editing tools.

Bring attention to the areas that are most important by adding digital highlights.

Step 6: Share Safely and Securely

First, be sure to rename your presentation. Otherwise, you may send out a set of slides called “Untitled Presentation PDF” or “Untitled Presentation Google Slides.”

Once the slides are ready, click the “Share” button on the far right. You can share them via email or direct link, as well as set up an access pin, expiration date, and burn timer for an added layer of information security.

Importing from Google Slides

Google Slides is a popular document and presentation collaboration platform. Here’s how to Create & Import presentations from Google Slides.

If you’ve already created the presentation in Google Slides, you can import the completed product into Sizle to add interactive elements and get real-time analytics. Then, your team can monitor exactly which slides the recipients are engaging with and use the data to optimize your workflow.

Importing from Google Slides is just as fast and easy as creating your presentation from scratch:

Step 1: Open the Import Drop Down Menu

On your Sizle Dashboard, locate the “Create” button in the top left corner. When you click the button, a dropdown menu appears with options for creating and importing various document types.

Step 2: Import From Google Drive

Under “Import from,” select “Google Drive. If it’s your first time uploading from Drive, a pop-up box will prompt you to log in to your Google account.

After choosing the correct account, another pop-up appears asking you to grant permission for Sizle to have secure access to your documents.

This is necessary to use the Google Drive import feature, but rest assured, Sizle only uses these secure document sharing permissions to import your files into our platform.

Note: If your imported presentation is titled ‘Untitled Presentation’ be sure to rename the document to something you can easily remember.

Step 3: Find the Slides You Want to Import

Once your account connects with Sizle, your Google Drive files will show in the pop-up box. Look through your Drive or use the search feature to find documents by name.

It may be easier to locate what you’re looking for if you change the default “Untitled Presentation” Google Slides name to something more memorable, such as the event where you intend to use them or the topic they pertain to.

Step 4: Select the Slides

Click the Slides you would like to upload into your Sizle workspace, then hit “Select” at the bottom of the box.

Step 5: Wait While Your Slides Are Imported

Sizle will upload your Google Slides into your workspace, where you can quickly access and edit them as needed.

Step 6: Share and Monitor

Once you’ve sent your imported Google Slides to the intended parties, you can track their progress through the presentation. Your team can use the data to increase efficiency and streamline your file-sharing process.

What Will You Do with Sizle?

With powerful tools and the right mindset, you have the opportunity to help your business thrive in the era of remote work. Give yourself and your clients peace of mind in knowing that your team uses tools designed to keep information safe without losing efficiency.

Once you’ve got the hang of creating or importing presentations, continue mastering the art of running a business in the digital age by reading some of our Tips & Tricks articles, like 10 Ways to Merge PDF Files Online and 12 Top Tips to Boost Collaboration Skills.

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