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What Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

By August 23, 2021June 14th, 2022No Comments

What Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?
Updated June 2022

Motorcycle riders are a very vulnerable group on the road. These individuals face many dangers from other drivers, such as distracted truckers or cars cutting them off and not paying attention to their surroundings.

Motorcycle riders should contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer if they ever get into an accident. This article will discuss what a motorcycle accident law firm can do for injured riders and their families.

What Makes a Motorcycle Lawyer Different than Other Types of Lawyers?

Unlike personal injury attorneys who work on cases involving car accidents, slip and fall injuries, or other types of incidents at home or in public places, a motorcycle accident attorney knows the laws that govern the road.

They represent victims who have been in motorcycle accidents. These are serious accidents because these motorcyclists do not have the safety features like being inside a car. Statistics show that motorcycle accident injuries happen at high rates simply because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles on the road. For example, they have less bulk to absorb shock from impact.

While the number of people who die in motorcycle accidents is significantly lower than the number of victims who are injured, it does not mean there is less trauma or injuries involved. Even if an injury victim does live to tell their story, they may have many medical expenses to deal with while trying to get back on their feet again.

In many cases, this includes being out of work for some extended time; even losing one’s job can be a severe blow to anyone’s finances and well-being. For all these reasons, it is vital to speak with someone who knows how motorcycle accident laws affect motorcycle riders when they are injured in a motorcycle accident.

What Are Some of the Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

The most common types of motorcycle injuries happen to the head, neck, and spine. In addition, many riders sustain broken bones or internal injuries because they did not slow down enough when trying to take a curve at high speeds or because they tried to hop on their bike without taking time to put on their helmet.

There is no denying that the faster someone rides their bike, the more likely a crash will occur – as with any other type of vehicle that moves at fast speeds. Unfortunately, these crashes can also lead to bikers failing to wear body armor that provides them with extra protection if another vehicle is involved in the accident; this is always a recipe for disaster.

One of the most common motorcycle injuries includes broken bones and even head injuries because riders do not wear helmets. These are preventable – many states now require that bikers wear body armor, but there are still those who choose to ride without it on their backs or heads.

Most people who do not wear body armor find out rather quickly just how much harm they can cause themselves when going down at high speeds; this is also true when motorcycle accidents cause victims to go flying off their bikes, sometimes flipping over other vehicles in the process.

In addition to these types of injuries, motorcyclists are more likely than others to sustain serious shoulder injuries which result from being thrown from their bikes when going down at high speeds. Many riders do not wear sturdy jackets to protect them from the road in case of a crash. If riders don’t have protective gear, they are more likely to sustain critical injuries than other motor vehicle passengers would be if they were involved in an accident.

What Are Some of the Most Common Reasons for a Motorcycle Accident?

The most common reasons for motorcycle accidents include:

Lack of awareness on the part of car drivers who may have been responsible for causing the crash. Distractions and inattention among these drivers are two reasons why so many bikers get hurt or killed every year. It is vital to pursue legal action against a negligent driver immediately after being injured, no matter what type of accident a person was involved in.

Lack of awareness on the part of bikers who are responsible for causing a crash, not paying attention to blind spots on the road, trying to move through traffic faster, or being distracted by texting while driving are some of the most common reasons why bikers lose control.

Speeding is another reason why motorcycle accidents happen so frequently – even though there are many efforts underway to educate riders about speeding laws and promote safe riding habits. Speeding remains all too common for riders to go far above the speed limit without any regard for others on the road.

Drivers who cause these kinds of accidents become negligent motorists who might get off with a slap on the wrist, and too many bikers end up hurting or even killed when they could have prevented their accidents by going at slower speeds instead.

Mental distractions are another primary reason why drivers lose control over their bikes and end up crashing – texting while driving, talking to passengers in the vehicle, or not paying attention to road conditions can cause bikers to go down at any moment.

Sadly, it is all too easy for victims of car accidents to blame negligent motorists or their own poor decisions for causing an accident. Still, those who do this fail to realize just how much impact these mental distractions can have on one’s ability to drive a motor vehicle safely.

How Can a Motorcycle Lawyer Help?

Motorcycle accidents accounted for 14% of all motor vehicle incidents in 2019. Motorcycles are fun, fast, faddish, and can be dangerous.

If someone is involved in a motorcycle accident, the chances are that there will be injuries, maybe even serious ones like spinal cord damage or brain injuries. It’s always best to deal with these situations quickly because that person’s health is at stake. However, it may be wise for them to get a lawyer involved if the accident was someone else’s fault (or due to defective parts).

A motorcycle accident attorney will review the circumstances of a case and determine what resources they have for helping injured clients. They’ll also explain how much it might cost in terms of out-of-pocket expenses – including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The right motorcycle injury attorney can then help build an effective legal claim against the party responsible for the injuries.

They’ll keep track of everything so that the motorcycle rider can focus on getting better.

If a claim is successful, any money awarded to the victim can cover things like:

  • Transportation (medical appointments)
  • Lost wages from time away from work
  • Funeral costs if the rider or a loved one died in a motorcycle accident
  • Car repairs and replacement costs (even if insurance doesn’t cover it)
  • Physical therapy for rehabilitation, prescribed by a doctor
  • Hospital bills for in-patient care of any injuries sustained during the crash

Making sure that a claim is comprehensive can be a daunting task, but working with an attorney will help streamline the process. The right motorcycle lawyer can also handle lawsuits involving defective parts or faulty equipment – like poorly maintained roads, defective helmets or safety gear, or poorly designed motorcycles and their parts.

A good lawyer will thoroughly investigate a case by collecting evidence from all parties involved before filing a suit on the rider’s behalf. This gives the person the best chance of receiving the compensation they deserve.

Motorcycle Lawyers Help if a Rider Has Been Injured

If a rider has been injured in a motorcycle accident, damages will be compensated, including minimum wage and medical expenses. A person can do this by hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to help with any case that involves motorcycle injuries. If they are severely injured, it could take months or even years to recover from their injuries.

To help protect against devastating losses, it is best to hire a top-notch personal injury lawyer who has experience dealing with motorcycle accidents. In the United States, motorcyclists are more likely to be injured in an incident than other vehicles’ drivers. Motorcycles are also less protected than cars when it comes to crashes.

However, if a person is involved in a motorcycle accident that was not their fault, then they might be entitled to compensation for medical costs and lost wages as well as physical pain and suffering.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer becomes beneficial to compensate for lost wages and suffering. When that rider wins their case, they will receive monetary compensation based on various factors that the right lawyer will know about and understand.

In addition, if there is any property damage or loss of equipment that happened because of the crash or collision, they may compensate those losses depending on proof that they are responsible for the damages. In any case, a motorcycle accident victim needs to talk with a motorcycle accident attorney in their area immediately after the event so the lawyer can protect the victim from an insurance company denial or underpayment.

They Represent Families of Those Killed in a Motorcycle Accident

If a person has been injured due to the negligence of another, they have a right to seek compensation for damages. The right motorcycle lawyer will represent the family of a person killed in a motorcycle accident. Therefore, it is essential to know all legal rights and how they will be protected from any liability in an accident case.

For instance, if the driver who hit a rider or ran into them was intoxicated when they got behind the wheel or was driving recklessly, they may be liable for the injuries caused to the rider and anyone else involved in the crash.

Many of these cases require a team of dedicated attorneys familiar with handling this type of case. Since they do not involve much physical evidence, and it’s one person’s word against another, legal representation is imperative to prove the rider was injured by someone else’s careless actions.

Motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled at proving their case and hold those negligent individuals responsible for what happened to the rider in court.

A great benefit of having an experienced lawyer is understanding how much money a case is worth. Many family members of those injured or killed in motorcycle accidents may not know if they genuinely have a viable claim to take to court.

A dedicated lawyer who has taken on many cases can help ease a victim’s mind. A victim never wants to feel like they have overlooked something when dealing with motorcycle accident law firms. They need to trust their personal motorcycle injury attorney because they act as an extension of themselves while in the courtroom against an opposing party who claims their innocence.

They Work with Insurance Companies to Resolve Claims

Motorcycle accident lawyers are the best people to get a victim through a claim process if a rider was involved in a motorcycle accident. They help by bringing all concerns together and leveraging them against the insurance company to ensure that the victim gets what is rightfully theirs.

Instead of fighting with the insurance companies themselves, they do it for them, which saves time and money on legal fees. They understand how much blood, sweat, and tears go into earning a living through a person’s own business or their salary from a job. Therefore, they will not hesitate to proceed straight away when there has been an accident involving injuries caused by someone else’s careless driving behavior.

Of course, if somebody else was at fault, their insurance company should compensate for any damages.

Motorcycle accident lawyers specializing in personal injury cases do many different things apart from going through the paperwork and investigating the facts of their case, as these firms make sure that a motorcycle rider gets what is rightfully theirs.

They also try their hardest to settle out of court if possible but sometimes, when they cannot agree, they will proceed with it all the way to the judge or jury. Suppose a person has been the victim of someone else’s carelessness. In that case, there is no point in trying to go it alone, especially since insurance companies know what they are doing and are highly trained in how to make sure that a person does not get the payout that is theirs.

This is why hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is worth it. They know how to navigate the complex legal system and understand what sort of injury cases are likely to be settled out of court so that they can proceed with these instead if possible.

Also, when the motorcyclist does not have insurance or has low limits on their policy, a victim needs to hire an attorney who will help by negotiating a claim. Personal Injury attorneys also deal with liability issues, accountability, and negligence, since there was likely more than one person involved in causing injuries. When there are other drivers around at the time of a motorcycle accident, then it is essential that they are investigated and tracked down.

They will also help with any investigations necessary in a case to determine how bad a person’s injuries were so that the insurance company will understand just how much compensation to award the victim.

An attorney may not be able to help as much if a person accepts liability for the accident. However, when the other party has caused a lot of injuries, or there are criminal charges pressed against them due to their negligence, then it is crucial to find a motorcycle accident lawyer who can help.

If there was another person on the bike with him at the time of the accident, the victim should also keep in mind that they will need to be compensated, which is part of what a motorcycle accident lawyer will deal with. They can help the victim make a case more legitimate.

Suppose there was any negligence on the motorcyclist’s part (such as speeding) that led to an injury. In that case, this can also be used against them by an experienced personal injury attorney. The motorcycle accident lawyer will protect the victim as much as possible until the matter is settled out of court or gets pushed through the legal system.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Before choosing the first motorcycle accident lawyer, a person should understand that there are some things to look for when selecting the best motorcycle accident lawyer. The first thing to look for is a lawyer who has experience with motorcycle accidents.

An experienced motorcycle attorney is important because the kind of cases they deal with daily may differ from other car accidents. However, not all experienced lawyers are equal in their capabilities and skills. Many inexperienced lawyers have an expensive office and professional website but little experience. So it’s best to find out if that specific attorney has handled a successful case in a victim’s area or state before signing up with them.

Second, a motorcycle accident victim also needs to look for a motorcycle accident lawyer passionate about representing victims of this type of car accident. Again, experience is more than enough, but it’s not always better if the lawyer didn’t have any genuine interest in helping injured riders or their families compensated for their damages and pain and suffering.

A victim must research if the attorney had experience with previous clients or other sources, such as online testimonials and recommendations.

The third important factor involves the cost. Some lawyers may offer a free consultation since they don’t know how long their cases could take or what expenses will be incurred from settling all claims filed by a victim or a victim’s family members. So a person should ask them beforehand how much the case would cost because most attorneys can predict roughly after attending a few initial meetings.

Also, a victim should examine a lawyer’s area of specialty as well. Finally, a victim should find out if the lawyer is familiar with motorcycle accident cases. Sometimes, it’s likely they can handle a case successfully when there is no other attorney nearby who has experience handling similar cases before.

A victim should always remember that even if they haven’t found the best motor vehicle accident lawyer in town, they still don’t have to sign up and hand over all their rights just like that. Instead, they should conduct more extensive research about lawyers online, such as looking at their website or talking to friends who had hired legal services before for additional recommendations and suggestions so they won’t regret anything once the settlement begins.

Top Reasons to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  1. They know the laws and can help pursue fair compensation for injuries.
  2. A qualified lawyer will also determine if the driver was at fault for the crash or if it was unavoidable, etc.
  3. Motorcycle accident lawyers also have experience working with insurance companies.
  4. Insurance adjusters will do anything in their power not to pay out damages owed to their clients and will often low-ball claims to get the injured party to settle for less. This is why it’s crucial to have a lawyer who can fight every step of the way.


When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are several things to consider. First and foremost is health – making sure that a victim sees a doctor as soon as possible so they can give an official diagnosis for how long it will take for injuries to heal completely. Next, a victim should contact the police because this is required by law in most places when someone gets into a severe accident.

Finally, a victim should also speak with a lawyer about what kind of damages may be available under a particular circumstance since each case is different depending on who was at fault during the crash (the motorcycle rider or another driver).

FAQ – Choosing the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Question: I was in a motorcycle accident, and I am considering hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. How do I know I have a motorcycle accident lawyer and what should I look for to make sure that I choose the right one?

This question is quite common among people who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, there are many attorneys proclaiming themselves as expert motorcycle injury lawyers, but what a victim needs is someone credible and experienced with an excellent track record of winning personal injury cases.

The best way to find such an attorney is by asking around or getting recommendations from friends, family members, or co-workers. Getting recommendations will help avoid getting duped by a fraudulent legal professional. A victim can also research online about the reputation of certain lawyers for client satisfaction.

Finally, it is always good to contact some well-known local organizations for victims’ rights. A victim will get some reasonable motorcycle accident attorneys that work on a contingency fee basis, so there is no risk in terms of money until the case is resolved and the victim wins.

On the other hand, hiring an attorney who charges by the hour means a person has to pay after every single consultation while a claim remains in dispute with the insurance company. The thing with these hourly lawyers is that they give out advice and charge accordingly, but if a claim does not succeed, then it is unlikely that the lawyer would give any refund for hours or consultations rendered.

Therefore, it is better to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer who has won several cases than one who hasn’t gotten many victories under his belt.

Question: I was in a motorcycle accident, and the other party involved did not have insurance. What should I do?

It is not uncommon to find that the other party involved in a motorcycle accident does not have insurance. If this happens, a victim should not have to worry because they are allowed to seek compensation from their bodily injury insurance carrier or underinsured motorist coverage if the perpetrator of the accidents was at fault in most states.

Question: I was hurt in a motorcycle accident, and now I am having problems walking and getting about my daily activities. What can I do?

If a person were injured during a motorcycle crash, then it would be wise for them to see their doctor so he can give them an official diagnosis and inform them how much time it will take for their injuries to heal completely. Then they should consult with a motorcycle accident injury lawyer who has experience handling such cases and get treatment options.

Question: I was recently in a motorcycle accident and suffered minor injuries. Who pays for my medical bills?

The victim of the motorcycle accident should check with their health insurance policy because it will cover most of the costs. If they do not have any health insurance, they might have to pay out of pocket or seek compensation from the other party involved in the accident by filing a claim against them seeking reimbursement for all damages.

Question: I am being sued by someone after I was involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t my fault. What can I do now?

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of others’ misfortune and sue everyone regardless of whether they are at fault or not. In this case, it would be best to hire an attorney right away so he can defend the victim in court.

Should I contact the police to report my accident? Yes, the victim should make a formal statement with the local authorities as soon as possible after their motorcycle accident.

Question: What kind of damages can I seek if one of my legs was seriously injured in my motorcycle wreck?

If a person has suffered severe injuries on one leg, then their treating orthopedic surgeon would provide some opinion about what type of permanent disability should be expected and whether there will be any need for future surgeries. The victim might also consult with a rehabilitation expert to know what kind of physical therapy they need for their injury.

Question: Do I need a motorcycle accident lawyer near me if my accident was minor and only involved some bruises? Also, how long can I wait to hire a lawyer on a motorcycle accident?

A victim should check with their insurance policy because it may cover medical costs regardless of how big or small the damage was. If a victim feels that their insurer is being unfair, then it’s time to seek help from a motorcycle accident attorney right away.

Question: What will happen if the other party in my motorcycle crash has no money?

If this happens, a victim can try getting compensation from their bodily injury carrier or uninsured motorist coverage if they were at fault. Also, if criminal charges are filed against them, the victim may get compensation by filing a claim under victims’ rights in criminal cases. However, a lot will depend on the ability of the motorcycle accident lawyer to build a good case against the person who caused the accident. That is why keeping the right records is so important for a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Question: How can I get back the compensation that the other party owes me?

If an insurance company or their insurer denied a claim, then the victim might seek assistance from a lawyer who has experience handling motorcycle accident claims. If they do not have sufficient funds to hire an attorney, they should ask around for a reputable law firm that provides free consultations so they can learn about their options and begin with filing a case against the at-fault driver.

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