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Testimonials and reviews

Thousands of teams use Sizle to get more done

“The insights and analytics are detailed and useful. No longer to I have to wonder if a client has opened an email.”

Brandon J.Recruitment Consultant at Wyn&Co

“I love Sizle. Understanding when, where, and how much the recipients of our decks are engaged helps tremendously with our follow-up.”

Tom DenisonFounder of SmartHealth Biotech

“The best part about using Sizle is the analytics. It gives me great joy to find out who viewed it, which slides they focused on, and for how long.”

CK. PatelSoftware Architect at McKinsey & Company

“Allows secure sharing and collaboration with multiple people working on multiple documents. This is a very good and easy to use software.”

Chetan Y.Engineering Lead at Persistent Systems

“Shared with the sales team who were amazed that they could "see" what slides the clients were reviewing in real-time.”

Scott DaviesEngineering Sales, Briggs PLC

“Sizle is incredibly easy to use. Simply upload your document and choose your sending options and you get detailed analytics on who viewed it.”

Zunaid K.Consultant at Profit Flow

“Must have for agencies. Super easy to use, love the design! Have been a user since the beta and it keeps getting better.”

Gabi SantosDirector at Lunar Design Studios

“Seeing how much time prospects spend on each slide of a presentation a helps us optimize all of our sales and marketing collateral.”

Oliver HeycoopFounder of Altatek Motorsport

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