Convert more leads than your competition

Reimagine file sharing with email opt-in, identity verification, viewer analytics and open notifications

Create or upload a presentation

Turn your static presentation files into dynamic experiences with pre-styled text, shapes, icons and access over one million royalty free images.

Sizle Presentation Builder

Share with password protected or public links

Keep presentations commercial in confidence with managed access and secure link sharing.

Share unique links and manage recipients

Measure viewer engagement

See exactly how your viewers interact with your content to understand what content works best.

Why use Sizle?

Sizle helps you create and share high-converting presentations in just a few clicks, and shows you trends in viewer engagement and interaction

Viewer insights

Measure open rates and see how much time your viewers spend on each page of your presentation


Easily manage access to your content with personalized links and password protection

Email opt-in

Capture viewer email address before allowing access to your presentation content

Delivery tracking

Share a presentation and see exactly when it is delivered, opened and viewed

Contact management

Quickly search for individuals and companies that you have shared content with

Mobile friendly

Give your recipients a distraction-free viewing experience in their web browser

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