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Give your team the sales edge with a unified content library, alerts when prospects open documents, viewer analytics to see what content converts leads and more

See what content engages your leads and prospects the most

See how much time your viewers spend looking at each slide or page of your presentations and proposals

Know when your documents are opened and engaged with

Get real-time notifications when someone opens a presentation or proposal that you shared with them

Add passwords and manage access to your presentations

Manage viewer access to your content and make sure the right documents are shared with the right people

Collect more leads with email opt-in links to your content

Enable seamless email opt-in and capture viewer email addresses before allowing access to your content

Make informed follow ups with viewer engagement insights

Share content with a customer and see exactly when it was shared, clicked on, opened and viewed

Your presentations and proposals look great on any device

Share content with your customers wherever they might be and on the channel of their choosing

A collaborative hub for your sales collateral

Build cloud-based presentations in just a few clicks. Customize your content with icons, images animations and more, and collaborate on documents with your team.

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Know when your documents are opened

Track the opens of your presentations and proposals in real-time, and keep presentations commercial in confidence with managed access and secure link sharing.

Know when your documents are opened

Learn what content engages your leads

See slide-by-slide analytics on how much time viewers spend on each section of your document, how many times they open it and more. Use these insights to identify what content converts the most leads and optimize your collateral.

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“We've seen a 130% increase in sales productivity. Seeing how much time leads spend on each slide and how prospects engage with our presentations helps us optimize all of our sales and marketing collateral to maximise performance.”

Oliver HeycoopFounder @

“Building large volumes of client project reports has become a breeze. We use Sizle to send and track more than a hundred presentations per month.”

Gabi SantosCreator @ Lunar Studios

“As a content agency we create and share a LOT of documents, Sizle is perfect for lean teams like ours that need the sharing and analytics power of an enterprise CRM tool without all the things we won't use.”

Whitney EdwardsDirector @ HW Creative Comms

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