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Sizle gives your team the tools and insights to convert more customers

Get notified in real-time when someone opens your document

See how long your viewers spend on each page of your document

Capture email addresses before your document is viewed

Get sales insights that help you follow up at the perfect time

Focus on the right opportunities with a built-in sales pipeline

Keep documents commercial in confidence with passwords

Stop flying
blind in sales

Sizle is a collaborative sales intelligence hub that gives your team the insights and analytics to convert more leads.

Sizle Cloud Based Presentation Software For Teams

Share links that
drive insights

Create private and public links to your presentations and get actionable sales intelligence insights for every prospect.

Share links that drive actionable insights

See what content engages viewers

Hone your pitch with document analytics showing you exactly what content your viewers are engaging with most.

Sizle Presentation Analytics and Tracking-min

Sizle is your sales co-pilot

Open alerts
Get notified when documents are opened in real-time

Viewer analytics
See how engaged viewers are with your documents

Email opt-in
Collect viewer emails before allowing access

Public links
A single link with unique analytics for all viewers

Private links
Create secure links for individual recipients

Sales pipeline
Add pipeline stages and tags to documents

Feedback form
Collect viewer feedback with in-document surveys

Email analytics
See when viewers receive and open your emails

Team spaces
Share documents and insights with your team

“We create hundreds of presentations a month, with Sizle sharing large volumes of managed sales documents has become a breeze.”

Gabi SantosCreator at Lunar Studios

“I love Sizle, we primarily use it to share decks with partners. It's important for me to understand when, where, and how much the recipients of our decks are engaged, it helps tremendously with our follow-up.”

Tom DenisonVenture Creation at SmartHealth Catalyzer

“Seeing how much time prospects spend on each slide of a presentation a helps us optimize all of our sales and marketing collateral.”

Oliver HeycoopFounder at

“As a content agency we share a lot of proposals but as a small team we need to keep our tool stack lean. Sizle's "plug and play" platform has been perfect.”

Whitney EdwardsDirector at HW Creative Communication

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