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If you’ve surfed the internet long enough in search of PowerPoint design ideas for your remote learning class, you’ll notice a common scenario:

It is easier to become a Navy seal than to see/get a completely free, and beautiful PowerPoint template that comes with high-quality graphics. In most cases, you’ll realize the images are not present in the downloaded version if, by chance, you come across a free one. You can liken this search to looking for a needle in a haystack

On a more serious note, stunning templates for PowerPoint and graphics are intact are usually not offered for free and sometimes don’t come cheap. So when we had to compile the best PowerPoint design ideas for a virtual classroom, you can guess what challenge we took on.

We sifted through countless PowerPoint design ideas to see if we could find free PPT templates that are even better than premium templates. To our pleasant surprise, we amassed quite a collection of fun designs and can’t help but share them with you. Enjoy!

Make Your Virtual Classroom More Fun with These 18 Stunning PowerPoint Templates (All Free)

Polaroids & Notebooks PowerPoint Template Design

The Polaroids and notebooks PowerPoint template is a great choice for any teacher or student who wants to simulate the experience of a physical classroom in their virtual learning space.
Though it comes with a bare, minimalist look, the slides are nothing short of captivating. They are designed to have a paper sheet or post-it look reminiscent of a regular classroom. In total, the template has 25 unique slides which you can easily customize to suit your needs.

Blue Professional PowerPoint Presentation Template

Don’t want a notebook theme or a design featuring education-related images for your remote learning presentation? Then you’ve got a friend in the Blue Professional PowerPoint template.
This theme has clean-looking and simple slides you can use to create any variety of academic presentations. The page layouts and graphic files are easy to use and well-organized. Even the blue and white accent of slides can be changed to match whatever subject you are presenting.

Back-to-School PowerPoint Template Design

Ms. Decker Back-to-School Presentation template is a 17-page design gotten from the archive of Microsoft Office. This is an entertaining and colorful template that will be a hit with younger learners. Nevertheless, it can be used for older learners depending on the subject matter.

Like all the other templates in this collection, the design elements in Back-to-School can be edited to present any scholastic idea.

Open Book PowerPoint Template Design

Open Book PowerPoint template is another feature-rich notebook theme we have on this list of remote learning PPT. Are you telling a story, writing an editorial, or talking about an education-related matter?
Consider this classic theme from Slides carnival. Using this template for a presentation will give your audience the exciting feeling of reading from a book.

Photographic Desk PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Photographic Desk is a highly professional theme for students and teachers. The template features 25 stellar slides and can be used for both PowerPoint presentations and Google slides. With its realistic desk, stationery items images, and hand-drawn icons, this design is perfect for most educational topics.

Lab Safety PowerPoint Design Template

Are you giving a presentation on a laboratory work you did? Use Lab Safety PowerPoint design template to give your teacher and colleagues the step-by-step breakdown of your experimental procedures. You are free to get as creative as you want with this design. You can change images, fonts, transitions, and animations to bring your work to life. These little things will make your class one that most people will look forward to.

Book Report PowerPoint Template Design

The Book Report Presentation template is your best bet for displaying a book summary or to highlight key details of a story. The slides feature a bright yellow color scheme that makes each page stand out. Without fail, it holds your audience’s attention without wavering. This template is ideal for lower classes, but you can also adapt it to older audiences.

Colorful Pencils PowerPoint Template Design

Colorful Pencils Template is one of the best PowerPoint templates you will find in the free category. It has a paper background and pencil theme suitable for art students and other school presentations. In addition, the template works best for a 16:9 widescreen format, and it comes with 80 custom icons you can add or rearrange to create outstanding content.

Blue Bookstack PowerPoint Presentation Design

Blue Bookstack is an educational presentation template that shows a collection of books piled on top of one another. The design is minimalist, with amazingly clear fonts, and it’s paired with soothing and timeless aesthetics to make it the best choice for your reading or library presentation. You can also use it to make a lasting impression in that English class project you’ve always wanted to stand out in.

Simple Professional PowerPoint Design Template

What better way to make your presentation compelling and memorable than using a photography theme. You don’t need too many words with this template. There are spaces to add your own pictures that will help you tell your story rather than bore readers with several rows of lengthy texts.

You can also change the color of the theme and rearrange the pages of the slide to make the template more visually attractive to your students or instructor.

Green School Board Powerpoint Template Design

Recreate the feel of a regular classroom with this Green School Board PowerPoint template. You can give classwork, homework, corrections, or lesson notes using this design to help students feel like they are in a real classroom. The template contains 3 Master slides and a page size of 1024px by 768px.

Colorful Comic PowerPoint Presentation Template

Wake up the embedded creativity of your audience with this fresh, lively, and bold template. This template comes with a similar style to your regular comic book.

You can use the Colorful Comic PowerPoint template to tell a story or present an interesting idea to your audience. Although you could easily use this theme for creative projects, the major drawback is that it doesn’t adapt easily to a wide variety of topics

Campus Recruitment PowerPoint Template

The Campus Recruitment PowerPoint Presentation template mimics a dark chalkboard like what we used to have in the classrooms several years ago.

On both sides of the board, you’ll find images like a pencil, book, calculator, scissors, and a protractor, which helps to reinforce the point that this is a template for academic topics. Campus Recruitment has 25 Master slides and works well for informal topics as it does for formal school presentations.

Cool Squares PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Grab the attention of your learners with this happy, eye-catching theme from Slidescarnival. The exciting mix of colors makes the slides fascinating to the eyes.
Also, extra features that make the templates even hotter are the fun graphics, which help keep students engaged. Altogether, the design makes your lessons motivating and inspiring for your remote learners.

Green Doodle Free PowerPoint Template

Use the Green Doodle template for PowerPoint to share a passion project or genius solution with the whole class. The light bulb, hand-drawn sketches, and quirky doodles make it an excellent choice for sharing collaborative brainstorming ideas for your group project.

Sketchnotes Lesson PowerPoint Presentation Template

This is a template you should try, and we bet that you’ll love the result. This fun and playful education template will take your class from boring to wildly exciting in seconds.

Sketchnotes contain a colorful illustrated background showing various hand-drawn school items such as notebooks, jotters, laboratory apparatus, and more. Although the theme is predominantly white, the graphics offer a dash of bold color that gives the design its fresh and vibrant aura.

Reading is Magical PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Share an inspirational story or take your audience on an adventure with this storytelling template. The Reading is Magical PPT theme is neatly illustrated and has a beautiful midnight blue background color that would delight most young learners.

When you go further, you’ll discover a host of functional elements like maps, charts, icons, and graphs you can use to create a presentation on any topic. If you want to adapt the template for older children, just switch the cartoon characters with an image that matches your viewers.

Vintage Moodboard PowerPoint Design Template

Introducing your audience to the prehistoric era or want a template to share a bit about yourself with your class? Try this retro-style template!

The Vintage Moodboard PowerPoint template combines a classic look with bits of modern design elements to produce a design that will make your presentation shine. Going through the slides, you will see the paper sheets, push pins, and Polaroid photos where you can write on or fill with an icon to pass across your message.

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