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Extract PDF

Extract PDF

Extract pages from PDF documents quickly and easily online for free.

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How to extract pages from a PDF

Extract pages and text from PDFs with this free online Extract PDF tool.

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  • Import PDF
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  • Import PowerPoint

Upload or import PDF files and other popular document formats or import your files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Extract PDF

  • Open the left sidebar
  • Select a page to extract
  • Click ‘Extract’ to download

No matter what document you’re working with, extract pages from PDF files quickly with this free Extract PDF tool.

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  • Download as PDF
  • Invite your team

Once you’ve completed your PDF search, click ‘Settings’ to download your file or share your document with others.

Frequently asked questions

How do I extract pages from a PDF?

Extracting pages from PDF with Sizle in seconds is easy. After uploading or importing your PDF file, simply open the left thumbnail sidebar to access the Extract PDF tool. You can select, download and extract individual pages from your PDF document by clicking the ‘Extract’ button at the bottom of the toolbar.

What file formats does Sizle support?

Sizle supports popular formats like PDF & PDF/A, Word (DOC/X), PowerPoint (PPT/X), JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP.

Can I share my document?

Yes! After you’ve completed your PDF search, click ‘Share’ to share your document with others.

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