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Sizle makes it easy for legal teams to securely share, track and analyze documents from anywhere.

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What is Sizle?

Sizle improves legal workflows with secure collaboration and sharing. A fast, reliable document management system makes it effortless to securely edit and share documents, simplifying the legal cycle and saving teams time, hassle, and money.

Secure sharing made simple

Sizle helps law firms share mission-critical documents more safely and effectively and teams can monitor document activity in real-time thanks to live viewer engagement analytics, rapid feedback response and viewer interaction alerts.

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Sizle for Legal

Benefits for legal teams

Sizle serves a diversity of purposes in the legal field, from gathering feedback from external counsel to commenting on business proposals and editing elements of a contract. The uses are varied—and they offer distinct benefits.

  • Audit paper trails
    Keep an overview of comments, signatures, and edits to documents, ensuring a clear audit trail.
  • Manage case files
    Share sensitive data with internal legal counsel or external stakeholders, providing case file management at every step.
  • Control access
    Manage who can view, edit, or sign what documents.
    Protect files with expiry and burn time controls.
  • Simplify eDiscovery
    Discovery is simplified with digital contracts and other documents. Teams can apply retention protocols and legal holds.
  • Monitor contracts
    Automate tasks for the contract lifecycle, such as the review, sharing, and approval of contracts for easy contract management.
  • Use e-signatures
    Use fast, reliable digital signature to fill internal and external client documents in seconds, streamlining legal workflows.

Join people in over 130 countries

Give your team an edge with the fast, secure document collaboration.


  • 1-click secure document delivery
  • Easy automation workflows
  • Team sharing and collaboration
  • Drag-and-drop files from desktop


  • 1:1 and group PIN Access
  • Viewer email address opt-in
  • Advanced document governance
  • Document expiry and burn


  • Real-time file interaction alerts
  • Rapid viewer response
  • Live viewer analytics
  • Zero document quality loss

Expedite transactions

Legal transactions are notoriously tedious and time-consuming. A simple contract negotiation or M&A transaction can involve multiple rounds of revisions and back-and-forth of document versions. Sizle expedites such transactions with simple document sharing.

Legal teams can eliminate endless email exchanges, cut down on approval wait times, and establish clear workflows. Transparent version control ensures a single source of truth for all to reference, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings.

Boost productivity

Expediting transactions is just one way that Sizle can streamline legal processes. This legal technology can also drive efficiency in other ways. Sizle can be used to help standardize paperwork, update clauses, and create shareable templates.

For instance, specific clauses repeatedly appear in legal contracts, but need to be tweaked slightly on a case-by-case basis. Sizle helps teams create easily manageable versions of existing documents without potentially affecting the source file.

Enhance security

Security is a must for any law firm. Legal teams deal with sensitive, confidential data, from client’s personal or business details to financial information. Sizle provides documents security add-ons protocols to give peace of mind to both lawyers and their clients.

Available measures include PIN Access, document and file expiry timers, viewer email verification, audit trails and more. Legal teams can control who can view, edit, or sign documents. Further, legally compliant digital signatures can provide top-tier verification, providing even greater security than wet signatures.

Maintain compliance

Security isn’t just a “nice to have” for law firms. It’s a must. Regulatory requirements like the EU GDPR, FISA, and SOX need to be abided by. Secure data sharing via Sizle can help law firms ensure they comply with these regulations, allowing for easy-to-control file management.

Lawyers that fail to comply with these kinds of regulations may find themselves facing investigations, fines, and—in the worst-case scenario—loss of license. Further, a lack of regulatory compliance can damage a firm’s reputation, resulting in the loss of clients.

Reduce costs

Moving more legal processes online with the help of a digital document sharing tool like Sizle can ultimately help law firms cut costs. Sending contracts and other paperwork hard copies via courier or registered mail services can add significant expenses to cases. Sizle helps you save money.

These savings are also in the interest of clients. While firms may charge by the billable hour, they often charge administrative fees, such as notary costs, printing, scanning, and courier services. By saving your firm money, Sizle helps your clients save money.

Minimize risk

Better security, improved compliance, saved time—all of this adds up to less risk. Lawyers can’t afford to jeopardize client confidentiality, make paperwork errors, or miss filing deadlines. Sizle is a valuable risk mitigation tool on all counts, making it easier to share and extract data.

This brings peace of mind for legal professionals who want to maintain the highest standards while ensuring their documents remain confidential. Legal teams can proceed with confidence, knowing they have a reliable document sharing system in place.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sizle?

Sizle is a collaborative document platform that helps you create and share mission-critical documents more safely and effectively.
No matter what you’re sharing, ensure the right files are sent to the right people at the right time.

Who is Sizle for?

Sizle was built to improve the daily lives of individuals and teams that rely on paperless documents to run and grow their business. Built for simplicity and speed, Sizle connects the dots in your workflow to unlock efficiency and protect your information with the only end-to-end document toolkit built for remote work.

What do document viewers think of Sizle?

People in more than 130 countries use Sizle to delight their customers, clients, partners and more every day. Sizle's distraction-free reader and industry-leading document engine gives viewers a fast, reliable and engaging document experience every time.

Can I use Sizle for free?

Yes! Sizle is free for individuals and small teams. Click here to get started for free today.

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