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Are you looking for a visually appealing PowerPoint Design template for distance learning or remote learning? Then, you’re absolutely in luck because your search stops here. We’ve compiled it all – from remote learnings PPT templates for young learners to templates that resonate with older students.

Here’s a fun fact experienced teachers know – the attention span of students lasts for 10 – 15 minutes. So, the best way to keep their attention is to make the remote learning experience fun. In a face-to-face learning environment, there are many teaching aids a teacher can introduce to make lessons less boring. However, it’s a little different for remote learning or virtual classrooms.

There’s only so much a teacher, teaching assistant, tutor or instructor can do to keep the students engaged. However, one tried and true method of making lessons more interesting is to use fun, playful and creative PowerPoint templates. This is something several online teachers have sworn by and several others are adapting.

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best (you wouldn’t be wrong if you call them the crème de la crème collection) of templates you will ever come across on the web.

One more thing to love about this collection is that, unlike other free PowerPoint templates, you don’t have to give out your email address before getting it. Instead, all you need is to click on the download button, and the template is all yours!

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

9 Best PowerPoint Design Template to Make Your Remote Learning Class Interactive

World Book Day Backgrounds PowerPoint Design Template For Distance Learning

As we mentioned earlier, it’s no mean feat for teachers to keep the students’ attention. People get bored and they do so fast. That’s one fact we can’t deny and teachers have to contend with it on a daily basis.

As a teacher presenting to a younger audience, you might want to forgo slides with photos in favor of slides with illustrations and hand-drawn elements. Artistic or cartoon themes have always been a hit with kids, so if your virtual audience are youngsters, then you’re in luck with the World Book Day Backgrounds PowerPoint template.

The theme is versatile and can create different presentations, from books and art designs to lifestyle and nature.

Education Whiteboard PowerPoint Template Design for Remote Learning

This is the template for people that are tired of ultra-stylish and hyper-sophisticated education templates. Often, these people prefer something simple without any distractions while sharing their lesson.
The Education Whiteboard template shows a whiteboard resting on a sturdy wooden table, some books and other writing materials. One thing that makes this template stand out is simplicity. This makes it easy to organize your content without worrying about where to place it on the board. To add a personal touch to your presentation, you can use any legible handwriting font to share your message.

Top Secrets PowerPoint Presentation Template for Distance Learning

In a physical classroom, it’s easy to determine when you’ve lost the attention of a student. However, with remote learners, you can’t tell when they are distracted or not. So, naturally, many online teachers are always looking for anything that will help pique their students’ interests and motivate them.

This template will help make your class a lively one to the point most students can’t wait for the next class.

The Top Secrets PowerPoint template is an exciting template that helps you turn that history lesson or other school activities into an exciting game. It is so good your students will be enthralled until they are done with the entire section(s).

Now it’s time for your learners to act the part and become amateur sleuths as they have to investigate a “cold case” in their history curriculum. On the slides, they’ll find highly classified documents where they can record their secret observations. For example, there is a slide to record the personal details of their subjects and others to give the breakdown of the events they studied.

Unbox Your Ideas PowerPoint Design Template For Remote Learning

Want to get your students eager to generate thoughtful ideas and actually contribute to a group project? Or is the assignment a task to search for vital facts on a particular subject? Whatever it is, use the questions in the “Unbox Your Ideas” template to get their creative juice flowing.
The template has 25 slides with well-organized, clean layouts to show their work process and share ideas with their peers. In addition, there is a page for project timelines together with sections to write credits, list team members, state personal data, and many more.

Colorful Paper PowerPoint Design Template for Remote Learning

Make a good impression at your next teacher’s meeting or conference with the Colorful Paper PowerPoint design template. The 25-page template consists of the best set of slides that would attract and impress your audience simultaneously.

Each slide comes with multicolored sheet of papers and with minimal graphics. This design pack comes with several attributes that makes it the choice of most users. It is classy and catchy, yet it looks highly professional. It also has a clean, fresh look to top it all off.

Hand Drawing Bird PowerPoint Design Template for Distance Education

Are you teaching little kids about the animal kingdom, natural life, forests, or other topics in ecology? Make your message more enthralling with the Hand Drawing Bird PowerPoint template.
This theme is a mixture of warmth, passionate energy, and playfulness, wrapped in one. It contains 3 Master slides with a background showing cartoonish images of cute little birds, butterflies, and trees.

Felicia PowerPoint Design Template for Virtual Classrooms

The Felicia PowerPoint design might look basic at first glance. However, it packs a punch with its whimsical, cool, and vibrant hues. The template is multipurpose and can be used for various academic activities. Let’s show you an example to help drive home our point.

If you are to present a marketing strategy that will help your company acquire a more significant percentage of the market share, you’ll want to use a template that will reinforce your suggestions.

Felicia PPT design is tailor-made for such and it will display your solution in an impressive and professional format and you’ll come out feeling like a champ. Also, if you need a PPT theme you should use to present your findings for your a group project, The Felicia theme is still an excellent option. The slides have illustrations and content you can use for academic teamwork.

Bubbler Modern PowerPoint Template for Remote Education

The Bubbler PowerPoint template is a stunner and you shouldn’t ignore it if you need a functional template for your distance learning class. It comes with a combination of bean-shaped bubbles and beautifully crafted slides that give it a clean and modern eclectic look which is rare in most free PowerPoint templates.

Bubbler contains 22 ready-to-use slides, including slides for tables, quote, maps, charts and graphs, infographics, and pictures. You can change the fonts and colors as you wish. Also, the template was designed in two size layouts: widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3). So, you can now choose the format works best for you.

Doodles Template for PowerPoint for Remote Learning

Now you can transform Doodles PowerPoint Design template into a fun tool to help your students gain in-depth knowledge of a concept. With its playful set of colorful hand-drawn sketches and organized slide layouts, this theme makes lectures easy to remember. Students can also use doodle to document a virtual or real-life field trip and share their experiences with the class.

Is your next lesson about the creative process or a not-so-exciting topic? Use the Doodle template to spice things up and create some positive energy in the class. This theme has a whiteboard as the background, 20 pre-made slides, and over 100 lovely doodles to give your presentations that irresistible eye-catching power.

Cute Geometry PowerPoint Template for Distance Learning

Bring some mystery, excitement, colors, and creativity to your virtual class with this theme featuring geometric characters, doodles, and a blackboard background. With 25 editable modern slide layouts and free resources such as graphs, tables, charts, and maps, the Cute Geometry PowerPoint template has everything to help you showcase your ideas. The simplicity and dark theme of the design is another plus that makes it perfect for helping your students remember a difficult concept.

Cute Dinosaurs PowerPoint Presentation Template for Remote Education

The design and green color palette of the Cute Dinosaurs PowerPoint Template are inspired by nature and reminiscent of theJurassic period. Each slide carries a cartoonish drawing of dinosaurs, plants, dinosaur’s eggs, rocket, moon, and/or stars. This template is suitable for lower grade classes and would be great when teaching students about dinosaurs, evolution, or prehistoric times.

Funnily enough, you can use this template to teach your students maths or any abstract concept in science. Seeing the drawings of a diplodocus, T-Rex, and various species of dinosaurs can keep the boredom away as your students go through slides after slides trying to solving or reading your explanations.

Blue Team Work PowerPoint Design Template for Virtual Classrooms

Talk about the newest trends in a field with the Blue Team Work multipurpose template. The design consists of images of hands and people, which represent teamwork and a cool blue and white background.

Should you prefer more lively hues, the colors are fully editable. In fact, all the shapes, design elements, and the whole slide can be personalized to your taste. Blue Team Work has 25 unique slides, an assortment of free resources such as maps, graphs, charts, tables, and 80 different icons.

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