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5 Ways To Improve Your Document Workflow

By May 19, 2021January 6th, 2024No Comments

From remote and flexible working to the changing economic landscape, organisations are under serious pressure to change the way they operate. Gartner’s annual human capital trends survey lists organisational change is considered one of the three key priorities for 2021. And with an increasing emphasis on digital in every area of business, workflows are evolving too fast for many leaders to keep pace with.

Sizle helps organisations adapt to these new conditions. With our secure, simple document sharing platform, we help teams collaborate and sales teams sell seamlessly.

Here are five ways we can improve your workflow:

1. Sync up with open alerts

Link and document sharing is an essential part of any virtual collaboration. But it often proves difficult to coordinate efforts, especially when individuals are working in different time zones or on different schedules.

Sizle helps teams sync up by sending automatic messages to let you know when a partner has opened the file you shared with them. This also helps sales teams navigate their funnel, tracking how prospects are interacting with their collateral in real time. Learn more

2. Tag and status documents

The easiest way to disrupt a workflow is losing track of your documents. Gartner has claimed that teams spend as much as 50% of their time locating the information they need. And that’s all time not spent on value-adding tasks. Sizle enables teams to sort, filter and group documents in our platform. And by updating document statuses and adding tags, you can keep track of progress across your entire team with ease. Learn more

3. User-friendly sharing

As technology has become more central to organisations, many have assumed it will have positive knock-on effects for employee experience. But the stats say otherwise: while 90% of executives claims their company pays attention to employees’ needs when introducing technology, just 53% of employees agree.

Sizle makes document sharing, online file share and link sharing as simple as it could be. Our interface is designed to be super user friendly and easy to navigate. And because our system is so reliable and secure, employees feel confident – without IT holding their hand. Learn more

4. Seamless security and file conversion

Digital security is a major concern for most organisations, and Sizle makes secure document sharing and file transfer easy. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our security measures, such as passwords and PIN access, are as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

Worrying about security risks can seriously slow down a sales cycle or a collaboration, especially if workers need to continually consult IT. But Sizle ensures employees never have to think twice about sending off that proposal, document or slide-show – even if it contains sensitive information. Learn more

Sizle also provides a range of PDF conversion, PDF editing and document security add-ons.

5. Data-driven insights

Decision making can be slow, laborious and marred by human-error. That’s why so many businesses have become obsessed with data-driven decision making: it not only helps them make better choices – it helps them make those choices faster.

Sizle generates all kinds of data for organisations: as soon as you share a document, our platform starts tracking how users are interacting with it, down to the time they spend reading each page. As this data accumulates you start to gain incredible clarity on how your documents and files are performing – whether they’re internal documents, sales collateral or whatever else you need to share. Learn more

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