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The standard format for Microsoft Excel sheets is XLSX. It’s possible to convert this file format into a PDF format using a PDF converter. In fact, one does not even need to install anything on their device.

If you need to turn a spreadsheet into a PDF document, read on to learn how to convert XLSX to PDF four different ways online.

What Is an XLSX File?

An XLXS file is a Microsoft Excel document that Microsoft introduced in 2007 as the default file type for saving documents. However, Microsoft does not restrict XLSX to Excel only. For those who know about XLS, the two are not that much different.

An XLSX file is a spreadsheet document users utilize in almost every line of work. It’s used to edit and display data and calculate formulas. The file stores data in cells.

People can use the document in a Microsoft product and any other application that supports XML, such as Apple Numbers, Open Office, among other spreadsheet software.

Since XLSX files store information in XML, which is plain text, users shouldn’t have any security concerns about their data. There’s no hindrance whatsoever to data passing through corporate firewalls.

What Is the Difference Between XLSX and XLS?

Most users cannot differentiate between the XLSX file format and XLS. It often leaves them confused, and most of them use the terms interchangeably. While one uses both files in Microsoft, they differ in some aspects. One difference has to do with the technology each file format uses. While XLSX uses a newer technology that makes more improved editing tools available to users, XLS uses binary technology, which is a bit old.

In fact, Microsoft upgraded the XLS technology while introducing its 2007 Microsoft Excel edition to provide users with better editing tools. Another way in which XLSX varies from XLS is where one can open these formats. Users can only open XLS files in Microsoft Excel. However, they don’t have to open XLSX in Excel. Rather, they can use other spreadsheet applications as well.

In addition, the XLSX file format is faster and lighter than XLS. Therefore, it takes up less storage space. Otherwise, users would have no issue using either of the formats.

What’s more, the process of converting both XLSX and XLS to PDF is the same, requiring users only to have a reliable Excel to PDF converter.

What Is a PDF File?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a product of Adobe Systems that users can use to represent documents separately from the application, operating system, or hardware of original creation. It’s one of the most common digital file types among most users.

The greatest advantage of PDF files is that users can open and view them on almost all applications, including the highest percentage of web browsers. Additionally, users can make PDF files of any length containing as many fonts and images as possible, as well as merge and combine PDF files.

Adobe Systems designed and developed this type of digital file to enable users to create and transfer output that’s ready for printing.

While editing a PDF file can be tricky, there are several PDF editing programs users can utilize. Apart from text and images, PDF files feature buttons and links. Furthermore, users can sign them electronically, making them ideal for contracts and business proposals.

How to Convert XLSX to PDF

As mentioned earlier, users can open and view XLSX files in Microsoft Excel and other similar spreadsheet applications.

But although it’s a widely used format, people often face several formatting drawbacks, especially when opening the file in different apps. That’s where converting XLS to PDF file format comes in.

The conversion of XLSX to PDF is essential for getting around formatting issues, allowing users to easily open the document, view, and share in whatever application they wish.

Below are four ways in which you can convert XLSX to PDF:

Converting XLSX to PDF with Excel

The maiden approach of converting XLSX files to PDF is by Excel. This method is the solution to how to convert Excel to PDF without software.

But there’s a caveat to this method. It leaves you with very little to do as Excel’s PDF feature controls just about everything.

The following are the steps to converting XLXS to PDF with Excel:

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel on your PC and open the spreadsheet.
  2. Click on the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Save As.’
  3. Type a name for that particular file. From the ‘Save as type’ dropdown menu, select ‘PDF.’
  4. Then, click ‘Publish.’ That’s how to save Excel as PDF. Your XLSX file will automatically save as a PDF file.

While this is one of the easiest ways to convert XLSX to PDF, it has its drawbacks compared to most online conversion tools.

One main difference is, when converting XLSX to PDF with a PDF converter online tool, users can organize the document as they want, make it neat, and edit to one’s satisfaction.

On the other hand, converting with Excel limits a person to ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG). This means Excel saves the document exactly as the user sees it in the spreadsheet.

This explains why most users turn to other ways of converting XLSX to PDF, which allow for some editing, making the document organized and neat.

Converting XLSX to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is software that has been around for a long time. Therefore, most users are familiar with it.

Not many are aware of Adobe Acrobat’s numerous features, which can be important in conversion, especially the newer versions. These current versions integrate features in Microsoft Excel. Fortunately, creating a PDF is one of these features.

Here’s the procedure to follow to convert XLSX to PDF:

  1. Click on the ‘Acrobat’ ribbon at the top of the window.
  2. Select the ‘Create PDF’ button
  3. Then, click on ‘Single File’ and select the XLSX file you want to convert. Besides, you can select ‘multiple files’ and choose several XLSX files to convert to PDF at once.
  4. Lastly, click on ‘Create’. this will complete the process, giving you a PDF file.

Just like when converting XLSX to PDF with Excel, Adobe Acrobat does not give users much control over the document layout. The only way one can change the layout is by rearranging the spreadsheet before conversion. But this consumes a lot of time that users may not have at their disposal.

Another disadvantage of Adobe Acrobat is that it’s not a free Excel converter. And although the Acrobat ribbon undeniably provides numerous handy features, it’s hard for users to ignore these drawbacks when considering converting XLSX to PDF.

Converting XLSX to PDF with Adobe Online Tool

On top of Adobe Acrobat software allowing conversion of XLSX to PDF, Adobe also has an online tool that provides converting features, including a free XLXS to PDF converter online. Unlike the software, this online tool is free to use and is completely separate from Acrobat.

Nonetheless, the feature offers nothing much other than mere conversion. It’s like the ‘bare bones’ of XLSX to PDF converting tool, only allowing users to upload and convert a file, nothing more.
If users want to enjoy the rest of the features from Acrobat, they have no choice but to purchase the complete Adobe Acrobat version. This will offer them a more effective XLSX to PDF converting solution.

It’s worth noting that users don’t have to buy anything to convert an Excel file to PDF online. However, Adobe Acrobat provides a seven-day free trial for anyone who would like to experiment with Acrobat at no cost.

However, for a better online converting experience, there are several tools one can use to convert Excel files to PDF. One such effective tool is what we discuss next as the fourth method of converting XLXS to PDF.

Converting XLSX to PDF with Sizle

Sizle provides an online tool that allows for fast, accurate, and reliable conversion of XLSX files to PDF. To convert XLSX to PDF with Sizle, follow the below procedure:

  1. Go to the XLSX to PDF converter and click on the ‘Create’ button to select the XLSX file you want to convert to PDF.
  2. The tool will automatically convert the file into PDF format.
  3. If you want to customize and edit your file, you can go ahead and do it. The tool allows fast editing, where users can annotate and markup, add and remove pages, enable analytics, and set access permissions, among many other forms of editing.
  4. Lastly, you can download your file, now in PDF format. Just wait until the upload is complete and select ‘Settings’ to download your file. Else, if you want to share the file with your viewers, just click ‘Share’, and they can view the document.

It’s worth mentioning that the Sizle XLXS to PDF converter is a free online tool. Users don’t have to download any application to convert their files. Instead, everything happens on their page and within a short time.

What are the Advantages of Converting from XLSX to PDF Format?

The PDF file format has remained the world’s most important file format since its creation in 1992. The idea was to reduce the many problems individuals and businesses would face when sharing documents between different operating systems and computers. So, the creators aimed to introduce a file format with fixed formatting.

PDF allows individuals and companies to invoice clients, send crucial memos, and maintain records in a consistent format. Therefore, converting XLSX to PDF opens numerous opportunities for users. They can share the document in a better and more understandable format.

Some of the advantages of converting to PDF from XLSX format include:

The Document Format is Maintained

When sharing documents made in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or other word processors, users experience problems with formatting.

A file will have a particular format while in this computer, only for it to change when shared to another PC. If dealing with clients, imagine the effect this can have on one’s dealings.

Luckily, converting to PDF brings a lot of relief. That’s because, no matter with whom one shares the document, it remains the same. Exactly the way one laid the document out is how others will see it. In addition, the document comes out as intended when one prints it.

PDF Files are Smaller in Size

PDF files tend to be smaller in size and have high quality compared to most other file formats.

The PDF file format is known for its compressibility, helping reduce high-quality files into small sizes. Subsequently, this helps save on storage space in hard drives, or other storage mediums, especially where a user’s storage resources are limited. The only thing that makes PDF files large is adding many styles and images.

Remember, the fonts and images a user adds to the document are still stored within the file. These fonts and images bring additional KBs to the PDF file, making it large.

It’s Easy to Protect Files

Many businesses prefer the PDF format instead of other formats such as XLSX because they are easy to protect with passwords. Most companies deal with sensitive customer data. This needs to be kept secure from unauthorized personnel and criminals (hackers).

With this option, users can rest assured their data is safe. They can also limit access to the PDF file, allowing other users only to view the document but not edit the content.

Additionally, one can track PDF opens and PDF views with ease. Moreover, one can embed an electronic signature into a PDF file to confirm authenticity.

PDF Supports Non-Text Elements

Unlike the XLSX file format, PDF allows users to embed non-text elements such as images and hyperlinks. Users can also integrate videos, animations, graphics, 3D models, and shapes. All these make the document’s layout aesthetically pleasing while remaining easily searchable.

The good news is that in whichever operating system a user loads the PDF file format, it will open and remain as originally intended.

Final Word

This guide provides readers with the various ways they can convert XLSX to PDF. While most people think it’s a bothersome affair, reading through the four aforementioned methods proves otherwise. Especially with a good converter, making a PDF file from spreadsheets should be easy. The advantages of converting the format to PDF are many, the most significant being format consistency. No wonder the PDF format is the most widely used around the globe.

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