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When compared to other businesses, people in the digital designing sphere understand the importance of having a captivating and professionally-designed business proposal. For web designers, nothing undermines your ability to deliver than pitching an unappealing, confusing, and poorly designed proposal to prospective clients.

Besides personal presentation, proposals are the most suitable medium through which business owners communicate the perfect solution to a customer’s needs or pain points. Proposals show that you understand what the customer needs and that you are the best fit for the job. In fact, most clients sometimes request for this document before asking to see the project portfolio.

As a website designer or developer, your web design proposals are expected to have impressive designs and layouts. However, time constraints may not make it possible. For that reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to surf the web for the best web design proposal templates to impress your clients and get them all excited to work with you.

Templates in this collection are 100% customizable, clean, organized, striking, sourced from reputable websites. We are sure they’ll help you close more deals and crush your sales goals.

Responsive Web Design Proposal Template

Are you looking for a visually attractive but clutter-free responsive template to showcase your web design services? You definitely won’t go wrong with this clean, professional design from BetterProposals. Not only does the proposal template offers an aesthetically uncomplicated experience, but it also comes with seven structured sections to help explain to prospective clients how you can best meet their needs. The seven sections include an introduction page, what we do page, process and timescales page, case study page, investment page, guarantee page, and the terms and condition page. What even makes this design such a winner is that it easily conforms to all screen sizes without any additional customization on your part.

Web-design Proposal Template 

Three of the golden rules of designing exceptional sites include creating web pages with easy navigation, high legibility, and simple but catchy graphics, easy navigation. In essence, a website is considered successful if it makes a great impression on the target audience and keeps them hooked until they absorb the message of the page. Now, what better way to tell potential clients you can create websites such as these than by presenting a proposal with similar features? This stunning website proposal template from Envato does the job and much more. The design is bold and confident and features 28 unique pages with dark primary colors that will make your company look modern, attractive, and professional.

Creative Business Proposal Template

It’s hard to come across a proposal template that looks as good as this minimalistic stunner from Unblast. Comprising 20 master pages, this template may not be built explicitly for pitching website design services. Still, it has all the elements you need to introduce your company to new customers. It has everything from pages on management and skills of people on your team to pages on expectations and pages describing your work process and strategy.

Website Design Proposal Template

If you are in the mood to build your own unique proposal but need a simple template to start from, then this is your go-to design. Like many other freebie templates, this proposal from In Vision won’t go home with the top prize in compelling graphics and dramatic color combo. However, it provides a neat layout you can use to quickly produce anything from a beautiful, fun document to a vibrant but warm presentation. Even with minimal creative tweaking, this website design proposal template is not a pushover. A simple change of fonts and the addition of graphic elements relevant to your client’s niche is enough to make a memorable impression on your clients.

Elite Standard Web Design Proposal Template

Are you a genius at designing stunning, high-end websites for luxury brands? Then you’ll, without doubt, need a way to show off this skill. With its 28 stunning custom pages, the Elite Standard template is one of the best options to achieve that. Featuring a gorgeous yellow shade complemented with blue accents, this template comprises images, fonts, and paragraph styles that are fully customizable and editable. In addition, each section includes guiding tips to help you give accurate details of what you do to someone outside the graphic design or web development world without going too technical. Also, you can easily adjust the layout of the template to grab the attention of your audience and emphasize the salient points of your project.

Design Soul Web Design Proposal Template

Convert cold prospects into paying customers with this top-notch classic grey, white, and light-blue design from Envato. Comprising 24 custom pages, the Design Soul website design proposal template has tasteful graphics and enough space for you to explain your specific project. The whole design has a modern and professional look that will make your information interesting, easy to scan, and appealing to your audience.

Web Design Proposal Template

Not sure how to approach the web design proposal? Then start with this simple but multifunctional template from Elementor. The pages contain all the essential information you’ll need to inform the customer about your services and boost your chances of landing the job. This template, with its clean white and purple accents, acts more like a guide. And with it, you don’t need to worry about leaving out vital details about your services. There are sections like the challenge page to show the customer you understand their problem. You also have the proposed solution page, price quote page, and other valuable pages to direct you on crafting a winning proposal that will make your client feel confident about hiring you.

E-commerce Web Design Proposal Template

As you probably know, nothing impresses a client more than tailoring your presentation to their particular business. When pitching to an exclusively brick and mortar business, prepare your proposal to reflect that reality. Likewise, if your intention is to advertise your e-commerce website building prowess, then it makes great business sense to create a proposal along that line. To help fast-track your proposal creation, we bring you this beautiful, fully editable template from Better Proposals. It contains all the necessary elements to build a winning web design proposal for an online business that will cause potential clients to sign your proposal every time.

Pentaweb Company Web Design Proposal

Pentaweb is the ultimate proposal template you can use for showcasing your imaginative talents and creative muscles in web designing, web development, and even app design. Like other Envato designs, Pentaweb is completely editable and comprises free fonts. Although the software does not come with images, that does not deter from the smart and clean appeal of the template. Pentaweb may be a premium offering, but the template is well worth the money. It is one of the most detailed and well-structured proposals that require minimal editing. This template is pre-filled and is your best option when you have little time to assemble a proposal document.

WordPress Web Design Proposal Template

If you make amazing WordPress designs, let your clients know with this specialized template meant for that particular purpose. Unlike most free proposal templates, WordPress is pre-filled and contains detailed sections such as the services section, process and timescale section, case study section, pricing section, digital signing section, contract section, and payment section. In these sections, you can go into detail about your processes, how you get results, and past projects you have successfully undertaken for clients. What even makes this template a must-not-miss is the payment page. Similar to many templates from BetterProposals, the WordPress proposal template has a functional payment page integrated with PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless. Further, the page provides clear instructions on how clients can buy from you. What makes it even better is that clients can pay or subscribe straight from that payment section.

UX Design Proposal Template

Website agencies that offer UX design services can use this proposal software to secure new business projects. The template is completely stress-free as it already comes with deliverables such as the research, user testing, design, and sample contract page. All the graphic elements and layout of UX are fully customizable. However, you are required to sign up on the provider’s website before you can access the free template.

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