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A winning business proposal does two things: First, it makes your offer stand out while leaving a lasting impression to clients. Secondly, it helps you close more deals and maximize conversions by convincing clients of your skills.

That’s why it’s important for this document to include all vital details about your offer as well as an attractive, creative design to hold the reader’s attention. Knowing you need an appealing, neatly structured, and professional business proposal template is one thing but finding a design with these attributes is another.

Since you’re definitely here to find proposal templates such as this, you need not fret as we’ve got your back. In this post, we have gathered 13 creative business proposal examples that will help you improve your sales in 2022.

Not only do these designs contain stunning layouts, but their pages also feature valuable guidelines to help you create an attractive proposal quickly and with lesser stress.

1. Business Proposal Template for Companies

This free template is designed for businesses and startups that need to create business proposals for their services or products. Writing proposals for potential clients can sometimes be challenging, and that is why we offer this prefilled business proposal template to simplify the process for you.

The simple yet beautiful design of the Business proposal template enables you to grab the attention of your reader. As a result, you’ll onboard new clients and close sales faster than expected. The sections also have guiding headlines to ensure you don’t leave out essential details in your proposal document.

2. Company Proposal Template

Are you looking for a template that will help you tell your prospects why you’re the best digital marketing service company for the job? Or maybe you’re trying to sell your content creation skills to a potential client. Whatever service you want to sell to a customer, this beautiful, premium multipurpose brochure is more than ready to do the job for you.

The template contains a calming light green and white color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes. Besides that, the sections are highly detailed and mostly prefilled, which saves you valuable time when creating your proposal. With this template, you can effectively introduce your services, secure productive marketing projects, and best of all, set up your competitive advantage.

3. Brand Proposal Template

Go ahead and increase your win rate and profitability with this premium creative template. You can use this software when proposing to build a unique brand for clients and even when offering to improve a customer’s sales efforts.

The Brand proposal template is designed to help you deliver a high-quality proposal to prospective buyers. Inside this 42-paged brochure, you will find areas that center on communicating your identity, pricing, value proposition, and also your terms and conditions. The template comes with ready-made characters and paragraph styles which make it extremely easy to produce a marketing presentation that suits most business types and brands.

4. Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

It’s a fact that social media is a steadily evolving marketplace. This means your proposal must have a strong eye-catching ability, and you will totally achieve this by applying this Social Media Marketing Proposal Template. For agencies and freelancers who provide social media services, having a proposal ready for your client should be a vital part of your workflow.

This template comes with essential components and tips for writing a social media proposal. As a result, you’ll be able to put together a compelling and easy-to-read proposal document for your client.

5. Cleaning Services Proposal Template

Present your janitorial and cleaning services to clients in a professional manner with this sleek, modern template from Slideteam. Use the Clean services proposal template to showcase clients’ testimonials and inform clients of your competence.

Cleaning services consist of more than 10 custom decks to discuss your company’s past projects, key offerings and introduce your talented team. There are also sections for you to discuss your strategy, objectives, budget, and establish trust with new prospects.

6. Business Marketing Proposal Template

In case you are wondering what makes a good marketing consulting proposal, there’s no need to start from scratch. This template from Envato has done all the nitty-gritty tasks for you. All you need to do is simply add your company-specific details under each section provided in the software.

No matter what company you are pitching to, the Business Marketing proposal template has all the relevant pages to help you make a killer, world-class proposal and seal the deal. The files come with 24 pages which are A4-sized and fully editable and resizable.

7. Electrical Business Proposal Template

This free Electrical Business Proposal Template is beneficial for creating professional quotes for electrical engineers, electricians, and contractors. It comprises 11 pages ranging from the introduction, cover letter, and client testimonial pages to the about us, recent projects, scope of work, and bill of material pages.

For a free template, the pages are surprisingly prefilled and highly detailed. Also, bear in mind that the design might be free to use, but you will have to sign up before downloading it. However, that is a small price to pay for a template whose quality and attractiveness equal that of premium offerings.

Don’t forget to include all the essential details of your proposal. Furthermore, ensure you clearly state your terms and conditions in the document. It is also noteworthy that you affirm the safety of everyone as your top priority during installation or maintenance projects.

8. Website Development Company Proposal

If you need guidance on how to write an outstanding proposal for your web development services, then use this premium template as a guide. Even though it can be challenging simplifying technical projects, this software makes crafting one very much easy and pain-free.

It features 18 unique pages, free fonts, and easy-to-customize characters and paragraph styles. Moreover, the pages are prefilled like other Envato templates. In addition, they provide you with a step-by-step guideline on getting relevant information across to clients.

9. Mortgage Advisor Proposal Template

Finding a simple but elegant proposal template designed specifically to advertise mortgage advisory services can be something of a hassle. That’s why we include this sample from Better Proposals to improve your chances of catching the interest of potential clients.

The Mortgage Advisor proposal sample is free and contains important sections such as services, process and timescales, case study examples, pricing, digital signing, contract, and payment. Moreover, unlike most other templates, including premium options, you can accept payment directly with this template. The payment page is integrated with pay software like PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless, through which customers can send payments or subscribe to your services.

10. Advertising Sales Proposal Template

Leverage this professionally designed Advertising sales proposal template to demonstrate your expertise in advertising and sales. The Advertising Sales proposal template is free to use and specifically tailored for advertising specialists and agencies to convince decision-makers of their need for your services.

The file comprises 5 prefilled master pages featuring critical sections such as introduction, about us, goals and objectives, client costs, and agreement. The sections are straight to the point and neatly organized to help you effectively and quickly communicate your value proposition to decision-makers.

11. Landscapers and Horticulture Designers Proposal Template

If you are a landscape designer, take advantage of this clean, gorgeous proposal template to deliver an aesthetic and informative experience to prospective clients. The template has more than 20 decks to guide you on what to include in a proposal presentation for landscaping services. It also comes with images, free fonts, and organized layouts to discuss your client’s needs and recommended solutions, the skills of your workforce, pricing budget, client testimonials, timeline, and work process. The Landscapers and Horticulture Designers Proposal Template is majorly a PowerPoint presentation template but is also compatible with Google Slides.

12. Catering Proposal Template

Writing a professional catering proposal just got infinitely easier with this free template from Panadoc. The template comes pre-made with 10 unique pages ranging from event information and detail pages to equipment rentals, tableware rentals, and menu pages.

Use the catering proposal sample to show off your catering and event planning skills and let your client know that you’ll put up a great event. Like other Panadoc proposal templates, the last page of this proposal has a payment section where customers can easily pay or subscribe to your services.

13. Mobile Apps Proposal Template

This classic blue and white accented template from Envato is just what you need to advertise your mobile app development skills. It has 12 pages you can easily customize to fit any organization. The elegant layouts of the pages add to your professionalism and are sure to make your audience give your proposition more than a second glance. Also, the template is prefilled, which makes it mighty easy to complete a high-quality proposal in record time.

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