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Distance learning doesn’t have to be tiring. Use the fun, beautiful, and creative PowerPoint presentation templates on this list to keep your students awake and engaged during class

PowerPoint Templates For Distance Learning

Teaching style differs. For example, you might be the best teacher or instructor on this side of the planet with the best descriptive skills. So much so that you can make a boring topic seem action-packed and more interesting than Game of Thrones. 

However, if your presentation contains too much information, a bland color scheme, and no exciting graphics – or worse still, if it has a theme completely unrelated to your topic, you’ll effortlessly lose the attention of your students right from the onset of your lecture.  

This situation is a no-no, and you can easily avoid it. We’ve curated a collection of attractive PowerPoint education templates to make your classes exciting. Now, you can carry your students along during distance learning and remote education lectures. 

Medical Notebook for Diseases PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Medical notebook for diseases presentation template is a feature-rich, medical-themed PowerPoint presentation specifically designed for health-related lectures. The design features a beautiful color scheme with attractive slides that are styled like a notebook or post-it note.  

You can use it in Microsoft PowerPoint as well as Google slides. There are 33 unique slides to work with, over 500+ icons, graphs, tables, timelines, and fonts you can customize to create the perfect presentation that will hook your audience.

Grasshopper PowerPoint Presentation Template for Distance Learning

We bring you the awesome Grasshopper PowerPoint template. This template contains eye-catching and engaging custom slides that would grab your students’ or teacher’s attention right from the get-go. The theme features an impressive thematic background and cute visuals like the green grasshopper perched on a leaf (which you’ll see on the first slide). 

Although this template can be modified for almost any subject, the visuals make it best suited for lectures on land animals or insect-related talks. One of the many things to love about this design is that it comes with clear images. This can be a lifesaver when you’re working on a tight schedule. So, no need to go looking for pictures which could eat into the limited time you have. Furthermore, the simple and easy to edit layouts makes the Grasshopper theme much easier to work with.    

Vintage Photo Album PowerPoint Education Template 

Enjoy this old-school-themed multipurpose template with its vintage-style slides and notebook design. It contains 55 different slides and the theme manages to be formal and exciting all at the same time. You can use it for presentations to young adults, teens, and even children in elementary grades. Your students’ achievements, evolution, or memorable moments during the school year can be neatly presented or recorded with this template. You can also share past and present academic goals to motivate and inspire students to be more productive with this template.    

Galaxy Drawings PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Talk glowingly about the universe, astronomy, space explorations, and NASA missions with the Galaxy drawings PowerPoint template. The theme features a blue and purple gradient background that is reminiscent of outer space.  However, you can change the colors if you want something a little more lively. 

With its space, planets, stars, and astronaut illustrations, this template is perfect for younger children. What’s more, all the elements are easy to modify!

Honal Watercolor Notebook Presentation Template  

This is another creative template you can use for your distance learning class. Unlike the other designs on this list, the Honal watercolor notebook presentation template is designed in A5 format. This makes it easier to print out any page you wish to distribute to students. In addition, the slides have a cool watercolor scheme and editable graphics like maps, graphs, tables, and timelines you adapt to any class topic. 

Birdhouse PowerPoint Template for Distance Learning

The Birdhouse PowerPoint design is a captivating template you can use for presentations on birds and other wildlife conservation issues. The topic may be serious, but the template features a playful and lovely slide design that will connect with students and keep them engaged. 

There are 25 custom slides in the template, all with different color combinations – from pages with predominantly brown backgrounds to white and green accents or a black backdrop. Each page is a pleasant surprise that will keep viewers entertained and looking forward to what the next slide has to bring.

Cute Watercolor Scrapbook Yearly Planner Presentation Template  

The Cute watercolor scrapbook yearly planner is a fun theme you can use for younger children, a young female audience, or for fashion and design classes.  The template comes with more than 40 different slides and loads of free graphics ranging from calendars and timetables to mockups, maps, and timelines. 

You can use it both on Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. As the name suggests, you can use it as a scrapbook to present projects or a yearly planner to detail the work for the current school session. 

Education PowerPoint Presentation Template  

If you’re looking for a presentation template with these characteristics: clean, modern, and attractive; look no further than the Education PowerPoint presentation template. The theme might feature a few pictures, simple slide layouts, and an even simpler two-color scheme, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the design. Overall, the Education PowerPoint template comprises free pictures and 10 unique, professional-looking slides you can use for a business class or corporate audience.   

Papyrus History Lesson PowerPoint Presentation Template 

History lessons don’t have to be boring. Make class discussions on the Age of Revolutions, the industrial revolution, the cold war, and other national and global historical events interesting with this free template. The Papyrus history lesson presentation template is designed with a brownish, ancient-looking theme that transports viewers back to the era under discussion. Moreso, the papyrus rolls background design, old ships, medieval armor, and other Egyptian illustrations will help carry students along on a never-to-be-forgotten journey into the past. 

Class Awards Certificates PowerPoint Presentation Template for Distance Learning

Wow! It’s that time of the year when you have to reward your students with a certificate for their contributions to class activities and dedication to their studies. Class Awards PowerPoint Presentation template is the theme to use for this job. Each of the 29 slides consists of a colorful certificate you can edit, print out and present to your students to recognize their efforts and achievements. 

Blue Ocean PowerPoint Presentation Template for Distance Learning

This beautiful theme with the underwater marine scene illustration is a template you can use to present talks on marine life. It comes with 25 custom slides featuring clear fish silhouettes graphics. Besides that, you’ll find in it that would keep your audience interested in learning about sea life, diving, ocean protection, and even conservation of marine resources.   

Science Subject for Middle School PowerPoint Presentation

Let’s dive into the microscopic world of cells, bacteria, viruses, and fungi with the Science subject for middle school PowerPoint presentation template! 

All the design elements flow smoothly into each other like water. The typography is clear and visually appealing, and the black background with colorful accents will surely mesmerize your virtual learners. 

Plus, there are many exciting images like reagent bottles, safety goggles, magnifier, pictures of students at work in the lab, and other apparatus you can use to create a fantastic presentation on any science subject. In total, you have 35 unique slides, 500+ icons, graphs, tables, and maps to work with in this template.

COVID-19 PowerPoint Presentation Template

Teaching students about a disease that is dead-set on causing a dent in the world’s population may be a depressing topic. Nonetheless, you can make your class stimulating, interactive, jovial but aware of the deadly nature of the virus with this clean, modern template. The COVID-19 PowerPoint presentation template comprises 17 different slides where you can present information about the symptoms, incubation period, timeline, and curing procedures of the coronavirus. 

You will also find graphical slides with maps to present statistics about the global spread of the pandemic. Then there are tables for listing the pros and cons of issues surrounding the disease. Yes, the COVID-19 presentation template might be designed with the coronavirus in mind. However, with the cute cartoonish drawings of medical doctors and the white medical background, you can easily adapt the template for discussions on any disease or medical issue.

Sex Education for High School PowerPoint Template for Distance Learning

Well, well, this is a topic that is bound to elicit some giggles and candid discussion in class. So break the ice and help your virtual learners open up with a presentation template that is fun, playful, and not-so-dire looking. Educating adolescents about STDs and avoiding unwanted pregnancies plays a critical role in helping the young ones maintain a healthy life. Therefore, make your talk enjoyable, professional and drive home the importance of your message with the Sex education for high school presentation template.

Meet Our Professors PowerPoint Presentation Template 

Some students find it nerve-wracking meeting their teachers for the first time. Help students warm up better to you and other teachers by letting the teaching staff share some information about themselves with the Meet our Professors presentation template. The 34-slide template contains pages where you can tell students relevant information about yourself and the goals for the academic year. 

There are slides where you can briefly explain how you all can work together for them to excel academically and your dos and don’ts. Let each teacher introduce themselves also and invite students to share any concerns they might have. You can give students this PPT template before resumption or on the first week of the new session. Either way, by creating an avenue for students to know their instructors before the first physical meeting or zoom class, there is lesser “stage fright,” and learners might warm up to their instructors faster.       

Cute Family Doodle Collage PowerPoint Presentation Template for Distance Learning

Just as it helps students warm up to teachers better, it is crucial to create a channel for teachers to know relevant information about their students. Use the Cute family doodle collage to help students tell teachers funny tidbits about themselves, their hobbies, and vital facts about their academic life and experience. With 35 custom slides, there are enough slides for students to say something about themselves and let their teachers know them better. 

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