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Remote working is slowly becoming the norm for most businesses. The shift from in-office working forces business owners and employees to invest in tools and software to ease the transition. Among the critical tools for working remotely is an online Word processor.

Online Word processors allow you to create, edit or share documents from anywhere and whenever provided you have a smart device and reliable internet.

However, the main challenge comes in selecting the best word processor online, especially with a ton of options to choose from. Check out this complete guide to simplify your search.

What is an Online Word Processor?

A word processor is software that enables you to create, edit, save and share documents securely. Online word processors are an excellent alternative to traditional word processors. Even better, you can access a free online word processor that lets you create and edit texts without a subscription fee.

Benefits of Online Word Processor

Also known as collaborative or sharing tools, online word processors are the best regarding effectiveness and practicality. The tools enable you to edit and save documents directly from your web browsers without the need to install software on a PC. Consequently, you avoid the lengthy licensing process.

Other benefits of an online word processor include:

Creating Documents Online With Online Word Processor

Like the traditional Word processor, collaborative tools allow you to create documents online. Create a blank document with a click of a button and get started. The best part about the online word processor is that it formats your document as you type.

Moreover, it highlights the grammatically wrong phrases and suggests suitable replacements.

You can streamline the document creation process with a template. Download the document template of your choice or create yours from one of the documents. Fill in your text and share it with team members for review and editing.

Make the most out of your in-personal and virtual meetings by creating calendar events, including the agendas and attendees.

Editing Documents Online

Other than creating documents, online word processors allow you to edit documents on the go. The right tool includes a simple text interface.
You can add bullets, numbers, highlight texts, and other relevant actions. The processor also allows you to add links.

Automatic Backup

With online word processors, you don’t have to worry about document backup. The reason being, your text is saved automatically with every keystroke. Therefore, you no longer have to save your documents and send them through other channels, which can be a lot of work.

Protecting Your Files

Online Word processors reduce the possibility of broken and corrupted files. Your files are saved in the cloud without relying on hardware for operation.

Online Word Processors Promote Collaboration

Collaboration is a critical aspect when working remotely. Unlike traditional word processors that let only one person on at a time, online word processors promote teamwork. The tools allow creating, editing, and sending files via email among teammates. You no longer have to send or receive a ton of emails from each teammate as you can all access one from your different workstation.

Besides saving time, the collaborative tool eliminates the chances of losing documents. Furthermore, you can all make comments when editing, thus easier communication.

Cons of Online Word Processors

  • Online word processors have some downsides, including:
  • Some word processors require computer skills
  • Online Word processors allow you to create, edit or share documents from anywhere and whenever provided you have a smart device and reliable internet.You need a computer to use the tools as some are not usable on mobile phones

Choosing the Best Online Word Processor Tool

Now that you understand the pros and cons of online processor tools and feel that it’s something that you would want to integrate, here are tips to help you select the best.

Check the Tool Usability

The most crucial aspect to consider when choosing an online word processor is usability.

Whether you are a busy student or a thriving professional, converting and creating files is a critical part of your success. The chances are that you are creating hundreds or thousands of documents daily. And there is no better way to ensure smooth operations than by investing in a frictionless editor.

An online word processor allows you to open up as many docs per day. The suitable processor makes it possible for you to integrate all the document sources, so you can view and edit them from Google Drive or Microsoft Word.

Moreover, a reliable word processor supports different file types such as Word, JPEG, and Excel, to mention a few. Look for a processor with a sleek interface to reduce tabs clutters and streamline your workflow.

Does the Online Word Processor Support Collaboration?

Creating and sharing a well-edited document is not a solo project. It will help if you select an online word processor with a mix of functional collaborative features. Check if the processor allows you to share the files with your teammates for editing and feedback.

If you are looking to streamline workflows and processes, document collaboration is an excellent starting point. You have a range of flexible, free online word processors, and the best part is that they don’t require expensive software integration.

You no longer have to deliver documents to different departments for approval. Even better, you don’t have to stack files in your cabinets.

Online word processors are such a revolutionary invention. They make tracking documents easier. You don’t have to send email files back and forth for review. Everyone in the team can access the current version of a document and see any changes made. Consequently, everyone stays up to speed with the latest developments, thus no chances of confusion.

Furthermore, collaborative online word processors boost teammates’ engagement and participation in projects. You can also see people editing documents, commenting, or giving feedback in real-time. Naturally, this leads to higher engagement.

Selecting an online word processor with collaborative tools saves valuable time and promotes project efficiency.

Document Organization Features

The best online word processor will help with document creation and helps with formatting, and organization.

You can access a range of text types to use and format your document using bullets, and dividers, to mention a few elements.

Formatting your text goes a long way in making passing your message effectively and keeping your audience engaged. It could be that you are writing a blog to promote your services or a proposal for your project. Whichever the case, you want to make the text as interesting as possible and give it a smooth flow.

Use headers, numbers, and bullets to split your content and make the document scannable. You may also add checklists where relevant. What’s more? The word processor lets you use graphics, pie charts, and widgets.

Easily Integrate the Online Word Processor into Your Daily Activities

Online word processors are primarily made to ease content creation and help you share the documents for a better purpose. A standalone word processor saves your time and does the job efficiently. But it would help if you select a tool that you can integrate into your day-to-day life.

The ideal word processor online helps you create custom boards for every process as you create your document. Hence, you can easily collaborate with your team without going through the hassle of switching programs.

Does the Tool Allow PDF Editing?

For a long time, word processors like Microsoft Word were preferred over PDF software. The reason is that users found them to be easier to use and edit documents than PDF counterparts.

Older PDF software is typically slow as you can only change one document at a time, which is inconvenient if you have to change paragraphs and fix anesthetics. Consequently, most organizations’ workstations have some kind of word processor installed for merging documents and fast editing.

Consider if the online word processor of your choice lets you write on PDF files. Such word processors come with specific features to facilitate automatic reflow when you edit your task. Also, you can access formatting elements like color, font style, and size and apply them directly to your PDF while letting you edit an entire paragraph at once.

Look for tools that let you edit PDF files in your web browser. If you are unsure how to type on a PDF document, check out online resources on the same.

Consider if the word processor integrates well with the PDF reader. Take your time to understand how to type on pdf. The processor will let you download your document to PDF and publish them directly to your site.

Which is the Best Online Word Processor for You?

The ideal online word processor depends on your specific needs. What works for an individual may not work well for a large organization. Weigh your needs before settling for one.

For instance, an online free word processor may not have advanced features, but it can work for you if you are after basic formating. The suitable processor depends on the complexity of your document formatting needs.

Now that you understand the top features to consider when choosing an online word processor take your time to compare the features, pros, and cons of different tools and select the most suitable.

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