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Are you trying to condense or compress your bulky resume into one page with no success?

You don’t have to worry anymore as this article has got you covered. 

In most cases, there are more candidates than the available job role(s). Competition is often tight when it comes to hiring suitable hands for a job, so it’s crucial you make a solid first impression with your resume template so you can stand out from the pack. For hiring managers, the first point of contact is your one-page resume, and yours need to be strong to be noticed.

Starting from scratch can be overwhelming, as you are faced with limitless decisions on what to include when applying for your dream job.You don’t have to go through the stress of creating a resume from scratch anymore, as we’ve compiled customizable one-page resume templates, free resume templates, simple resume templates, professional resume templates, modern resume templates, single page resumes and more. Need more templates? Check out this list of PowerPoint design ideas here.

Update the placeholders of the one-page resume template with your skills and experience to create a lasting impact. Whether you want a colorful, minimalist, serious, or elegant one-page resume template, this is the best place to begin your search.

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1. 7×1 Professional One-Page Resume

Check this professional one-page resume template out, and you’ll see its design is both modern and elegant, which will definitely catch the eye. It comes in seven color schemes and which you can edit with Photoshop. Also, It has a comprehensive video help file, which will help you while making your one-page resume.

2. Super One-Page Resumes Bundle

This resume template bundle is compact, and it’s the perfect choice if you aren’t sure which look is best for your resume. The bundle comes with various one-page resume template styles with different color variations. It can be edited with Adobe Illustrator to customize it to your need. 

3. Stylish One-Page CV Resume

Do you need a one-page resume as an experienced job hunter? Go for this Stylish One-Page CV Resume that comes with a resume and cover letter. It has three color variants, and you can change them to your favorite color. Also, you can edit the template and change the fonts with Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop.

4. Clean Single Page Resume

The Clean Single Page Resume template makes you think out-of-the-box. It comes with bold choices like shadows, 3D effects, charts, icons, and a mini-info graphic. Regarding icons, the package comes with more than 200 glyph icons that will come in handy for other projects. If the job you are applying for a job requires you to be daring and audacious, don’t hesitate to go for this one page resume template.

5. One-Page Resume Template

This another minimalist and clean resume design you should definitely look at. Apart from the one-page resume, it also comes with a cover letter for a coherent and consistent look. However, the resume template comes with just color, but the bar charts and icons keep the layout impactful and interesting. Also, you can easily use more colors by customizing the Word or PSD files.

6. Clean One-Page Resume

Do you need a resume that is clean, minimalist, and creative all at once? Then go for this compact resume template. You get letter and A4 sizes that are compatible with EPS and Illustrator. The background colors clearly outline the resume into distinct sections. You can also use the charts to show off any skill that is relevant to the position you want to apply for.

7. Ready One-Page Resume | CV

This template is for those that want to make a visual impact without messing up the resume. It also comes in three color alternatives, but you can fully customize each to your taste. Display your technical and soft skill levels with bars or a cool chart. This template also comes in US letter and A4 sizes and can be edited in Word, EPS, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

8. Professional One-Page Resume

Sometimes, all you want is a one-page resume that shows your creativity without doing away with professionalism. This resume template is professional, and it doesn’t look too formal. It has four color variants, and each comes with its own PSD file. With grouped layers, editing is very quick and easy. There is enough room to show off and be creative.

9. Cascade One-Page Resume Template

This one-page resume template comes with a bright splash of radiant color that will make you stand out. It has a modern and clean look, and it uses the Cascade single page resume format, which will show your design-centric and forward-thinking mindset to makes you the perfect candidate. Use this template for design-oriented or creative job roles.

10. Colorful One-Page Resume

This resume template is a colorful option you can always go for, and it’s perfect for artistic or creative jobs. It comes with a layered PSD file which makes it easy to customize; hence you can input your job info into the starter template. In addition, just swap the existing elements and shapes with your preferred color choice to make a fresh and fully customized resume in no time.

11. Minimalist One-Page Resume

As discussed earlier, hiring managers have little time to review each resume due to the number of applicants vying for the job. Each template we’ve listed so far makes you stand out from the crowd, and this one has a unique design option merged into a minimalist template. Primarily because of its minimalist design, it establishes a visual rhythm that makes it very easy to focus and review the candidate.

  • Works perfectly with InDesign and Adobe Illustrator 
  • Several page sizes included and print-ready with the standard CMYK color palette 
  • Dark and light color schemes give you unique choices to craft your resume

12. Elegant One-Page Resume

This resume template comes with lots of color options that give more value to the template. With grey, magenta, and blue options, this one-page resume brings range to the table. However, it’s editable only on Adobe InDesign, it’s a great choice if you want a single-page resume format that will make you noticed.

13. One-Page Resume/CV

A minimalist and bold option, this resume and CV template can be customized to suit your choice. All you need to do is to add your profile photo, experience, and details about your education to make your resume in no time. Thanks to the dark color scheme, the resume is also very easy-to-read.

14. Sleek One-Page Resume

This resume template is clean and very easy to customize. It comes with a simple layout and bold typography that will make your resume the standout choice because you put your best foot forward on your educational experiences past and career.

  • It can be edited on Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign, and it’s highly compatible with several apps
  • Icons are included for easy customization 
  • Also has an extra cover letter template to make a personalized introduction if there’s a need for it. 

15. Clean One-Page Resume

This template is clean, and it has an option that gives you room to describe your past job experiences. It is a one-page resume template for experienced applicants. Use this template to provide details about your past jobs by filling the paragraph placeholders.

16. One Page Resume Template

This template is the perfect choice if you want to feature a fun portrait or photo of yourself. A good one-page resume shows the right content, and it is often direct to the point. However, this template has lots of space to enter your vital details. As usual, It is easily editable in Adobe InDesign.

17. Clean Resume/CV Volume 8

This template allows you to easily customize and edit everything you need, and it can be edited with either Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word. Another feature that makes it stand out is the line charts which show your proficiency in specific skills. 

18. Modern Two Column Resume

This template is an excellent example of how templates can give you the edge and how fast you can build a resume. The template comes with placeholders that you can use to show essential items on your resume. Once more, it is all about using the placeholders and substituting it with your details to match your job posting.

The template comes with:

  • Five color palettes together with several design options
  • It also includes Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word file formats
  • The profile picture placeholder ensures the hiring manager puts a face to the name easily

19. Minimalist Designer Resume

This is another minimalist option you can go for as it uses white space to ensure your resume is easy to review and read. It comes with a simple design and strong typography and, it’ll naturally draw attention to your credentials and experience.

20. Minimal Resume

In conclusion, take a look at this minimal one-page resume template which uses contrasting colors to ensure your resume is visually appealing. The minimalist look uses white space for a neat, and clean overall design. You can substitute the placeholder text with your details to ensure it matches the job posting. The resume template

  • Includes free fonts 
  • Is print-ready with CMYK color palette including the standard paper size settings
  • And can be edited with Adobe Photoshop

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