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Choosing A Website Design Proposal Template

If you are a web designer, we’re sure you know the importance of website design proposals. Your ability to attract new clients depends on how well you can create attractive and stunning design proposals and contracts

Knowing how valuable your time is, you know you can’t afford to spend several hours crafting a proposal from scratch for every client. As luck would have it, you can get the job done in little to no time by using a web design proposal template.

This article will show you several proposal templates and graphic design proposals that you can edit for different clients in a few minutes. Once you’ve created your document, you can share it securely with recipients with a tool like Sizle. Using a secure document sharing tool means your information is protected and safe when you share a file.

Before we proceed, let’s see what a proposal template is…

What is a Proposal Template?

It’s simply a document you send to a potential client after meeting with them, and it includes the following:

  • Cover Page or Intro
  • Project Overview
  • Quote Options – It is advisable to offer 3 options
  • Terms of Agreement – this is the payment and delivery terms for the project

Drafting this document will show that you understand all the project’s details, the company’s needs and offer them a solution that answers their needs.

Now let’s see the various graphic design proposals, website design RFP’s, and design proposal templates that will land you your dream clients. 

1. Free Web Designer Proposal Template

This stunning web design template is free from Template.Net. It comes with a mix of smokey, gorgeous and plain backgrounds. Its layout is fully editable, and it has a striking minimal design that works seamlessly with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

2. Free Modern Design Proposal Template

This web design proposal template is beautifully crafted, and it features a spectacular color scheme with artistic graphics together with modern and clean typography. You can customize it, and you can get it at no cost from Behance.

3. Free Graphic Design Proposal Template I 

This is a simple but effective graphic design proposal template that can be edited with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. It features 16 unique slide layouts, with character and paragraph styles, an editable cover page together with a high-quality 300 DPI. You can get this template for free on Behance.

4. Free Graphic Design Proposal Template II

Do you need an eye-catching and colorful proposal design? This template comes with a lot of potentials as it features a variety of free fonts and unique pages. It has everything you need to make an excellent first impression when you make your presentation to your prospective clients.

5. Minimal Graphic Design Proposal Template

Take a look at this professional, minimal, and clean graphic design proposal theme. It can be easily printed and showcased to your prospective clients. It comes with free fonts, 20 unique pages, and several customizable options that can be used to make a statement.

6. Pro Graphic Design Proposal Template

This template can be edited with InDesign and it features a professional layout that’s perfect for impressing a potential client. Like the others, it can be customized with the vector elements it comes with. The template has 20 pages, paragraph styles, free fonts, and text styles. It also comes in a US letter format, a handy A4 size, and CMYK color space.

7. The Iceberg Website Proposal Template

This proposal design theme is an elegant and modern template made for Adobe InDesign. It features free fonts, 28 pages, beautiful and top-quality graphic elements, in addition to a harmonized blue accent color scheme that’ll give your proposal a well-thought-out and cohesive look.

8. Inspring Website Proposal Template

Do you want a proposal template that will show your brand identity to the world? Use this beautiful, clean and simplistic premium template with layered graphics, free fonts, and a 20-page purpose-built layout. It’s straightforward to customize to your taste and it can be done on n Adobe InDesign.

9. Offbeat Design Proposal Template

This template comes with crisp and vibrant colors, free fonts, together with a grid-based layout. It was designed from the onset as a universal proposal template and it comes with paragraph and character styles. It has 42 unique pages, one-click customization and a high res 300 DPI within CMYK color space.

10. Dark Website Proposal Template

If you need a dramatic and dark proposal design template to show what you offer and leave an indelible mark on prospective clients, then this is the template for you. This modern website proposal template comes with free fonts, 26 beautiful pages and one-click color customization with high-quality vector graphics and organized layers.

11. Blaked Web Design Proposal Template

The next template is Blaked, and it’s a versatile web design proposal template. It can be customized with Adobe InDesign and it comes with 24 unique pages and paragraph and text styles. You’ll also find fully editable vector graphics and layered design elements.

12. Impressive Website Proposal Template

This is another bold and confident web design proposal template and it comes with dark primary colors. It’s simple but does the job perfectly with its graphic elements and chunky sans serif typography. You can use it to convey a professional and fun impression to nail your client. The template also has 28 gorgeous pages and can be edited in Adobe InDesign.

13. Classic Graphic Design Proposal Template

This template is perfect for presenting a minimalistic yet modern look. It comes with 24 pages with free fonts, vector icons, 3 corporate color schemes and fully layered graphics. You’ll also find full contract documentation in it and you can customize it with Adobe InDesign.

14. Bold Website Proposal Template

This web design proposal template features stunning and straightforward designs. It makes clever use of the white space in it and you’ll find attractive font use too. It’s great for showcasing almost all graphic design and web development proposals. It has a grid-based layout that makes it classy and neat and it is effortless to edit the colors to match your brand.

15. Clean Website Proposal Template

The clean website proposal template is an innovative and bright design proposal template that can be edited with Adobe InDesign. You can bet it’ll leave a lasting impression on your client, thanks to its bold color palette. It also has classic serif typography as well as eye-catching graphic elements. That’s not all, you’ll find A4/Letter-sized and 24 paragraph styled pages you can customize.

16. Black Website Proposal Template

This web proposal template is a creative and dark option that comes with a beautiful layout spread across 24-page designs. Each page comes with text, objects and images on various layers, paragraph and character styles. 

17. Versatile Graphic Design Proposal

Do you want a dynamic and ultra-modern graphic design proposal template? This template is the perfect choice as it comes with a soft and refined color scheme together with classic sans serif typography. As usual, it’s compatible with Illustrator and Adobe InDesign as well as 40 custom pages in a grid-based layout to easily place the elements in it.

18. Professional Graphic Design Proposal

This template is elegant, clean and can be used for several projects ranging from web development and brand identity to graphic design and several other corporate projects. You can also personalize the colors and fonts to show your firm’s branding.

19. Multipurpose Design Proposal Template

The multipurpose graphic design template proposal comes with a 14-page stylish, elegant and clean features layout, built-in free fonts, fully-layered design elements, paragraph styles, CMYK color mode, and auto page numbering. This innovative multipurpose template comes in letter size and A4 format and you can customize it with Adobe InDesign.

20. Minimalistic Design Proposal Template

This is a gorgeous and subtle color-themed template and it works for soft and modern-looking design proposals. It features free fonts and editable graphics and can be edited in MS Word and Adobe InDesign.

21. Stylish IT Solution Proposal Template

This is another stylish and elegant template that is perfect for web applications, graphic design or IT solution proposals. It comes with 12 pages, fully editable fonts and colors, high-res 300 DPI within CMYK color space, together with a variety of vector icons and infographics you can customize. The template is also compatible with Adobe Indesign.

22. Simple Website Design Proposal Template

If you want a minimalistic and eye-catching web proposal template, you should go for the simple website design proposal template. It can be edited using Adobe InDesign and it gives a subtle and soft color palette, 300 DPI, free fonts, and a ready-to-print CMYK color mode. It also comes in A5 size and you can edit it to match your corporate fonts and brand colors.

23. Modern Web Design Proposal Template

This is a spectacular gradient-based design that offers 20 unique pages, US letter and A4 size, CMYK color space, Photos HTML links and free fonts. This professional and modern proposal template features one-click color customization using Adobe Indesign and structured layers in page-by-page order.

24. Simple Graphic Design Proposal Template

This template features a minimal and clean design aesthetic, and it’ll compel your prospective clients to listen to your offering. It features 24 pages that can be edited as you please.

25. Stylish Website Proposal Template

This website proposal template will have clients saying yes to you in no time. Take a look at this professional and minimal template that comes in a stylish layout of 14 unique pages together with built-in free fonts.

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