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Choosing the Best Business Contract Template

As a start-up or small business, the primary thing on your mind is growth. In most cases, your major focus will be to bring your business’s vision to reality at the expense of creating a solid legal base. Consequently, there’s every chance you’ll ignore other vital aspects like business contracts.

In reality, most small businesses rely on verbal agreements and trust when carrying out business with customers, suppliers, shareholders, and partners. Nevertheless, not correctly documenting agreements can be fatal to your brand’s image and business if you face litigation or dispute. You don’t have to fall victim of this if you have the appropriate contract template to use at your beck and call. From rental agreements employment to contracts, contracts are the essence of every business, including yours. However, creating a contract from scratch each time you need it can be tasking and may consume a lot of time. That is why we made a library of contract templates to help you save time, and it’ll also help curate your contract library.

Here are some fantastic contract templates to get you started. Once you’re done, share your documents securely with Sizle.

1. Consulting Agreement Template

In some circles, a consulting agreement is also regarded as a consulting contract. This contract lists the services an independent contractor or consultant will execute for a client. The contract makes sure that the contractor gets paid for their work and lists the fees to be paid. This way, the client knows what they’re paying for.

Getting started is easy. Fill in your scope of work, details of compensation and payment, the terms and conditions, and other relevant details. This template converts it into a PDF instantly, and you can download, print, or share it with your clients.

2. Employment Contract Template

This template stands out because it’s a one-size-fits-all solution, and it creates employment contracts instantly. All you need to do is to fill in the short form with the position of the new employee, monthly salary, and work hours. Next, the template creates an elegant employment agreement automatically, and it’s a perfect fit for any role in your organization.

You can also print the PDF contracts or download it for record purposes. Also, you can create an autoresponder to email the contract to new employees immediately after they submit their applications.

For a professional look, the template has a drag and drop feature that allows you to add elements like your company’s logo, change colors and fonts, and update terms and conditions.

It also has a feature that allows you to integrate with Google Sheets or Airtable to manage your staff data professionally.

3. Construction contract template

This template will come in handy for those in the construction business. The reason is that it’s essential to have a standard template that can be used for every project you land. This template offers a Construction Contract template that can serve every purpose you intend. It is downloadable, and you can also sign, print, edit, add images or logo, or save it for use in the future.

This template comes with vital information like the name and location of each party, work description, contract price, payment, and time. You can also use the PDF editing tool to change the format, add images and text to suit your needs.

4. Home Inspection Service Contract Template

This is the perfect contract for anyone providing home inspection services. With this, you will completely eliminate paperwork and hasten your processes. The template allows you to print or download in a PDF format. In addition, you can set up an autoresponder that will send a copy of your professionally edited template to your client.

Ensure you evaluate the terms and conditions before you complete the process. You can also use an e-signature to sign the document to make it legally binding. Also, you can customize the terms and conditions, add the logo of your company to make it more refined.

5. Business Contract Template – NDA

An NDA – nondisclosure agreement – is sometimes called a confidentiality agreement. It’s a legal contract that disallows disclosing confidential business information like marketing plans, client lists, or trade secrets. It’s often used by businesses across several industries to stop sensitive information/data from being revealed to the public.

There’s every chance are you’re familiar with NDAs, and you know how time-consuming it is to create one. By using this NDA template, you’ll have a head start whenever you’re making one, and it’ll also help prevent any potential contract breach.

After your client completes and signs your online NDA form, it’ll save the data as a secure PDF which you can download instantly. You can also access, share, and print it on any electronic device for future meetings.

With the easy to use drag-and-drop PDF Editor, you can customize your NDA template to match your business or any business of your choice. For the NDA to be valid, you need to define confidential information, specify all or any exclusions, and state the obligations of the receiving party to the disclosing party.

After this, your custom NDA will change the submissions into expert PDFs, and it’ll also contain your agreement terms together with legally binding signatures. Now that the NDAs are saved as professional and secure PDFs, your intellectual property is protected regardless of the secrets you want to keep.

6. Photography Contract Template

Whether you are snapping pictures at a prestigious event or you’re taking pictures of models in your studio, you don’t have to start having problems before you get a contract. Thanks to this photography contract template, you can focus on essential things.

Just attach this photography template to your form and it’ll convert submissions without delay into professional PDF contracts.

It’s left to you to either print or download the PDF for record-keeping, or if you wish, you can send it to your clients.

You can also customize the template and list clear rules for all parties to avoid future conflicts. The template also comes with an editor to customize the terms and conditions, import client data, or insert legally binding signatures by clicking a few buttons.

The template also comes with an option to add your company’s logo to stay in tune with your brand identity. Now you can confidently protect yourself and your prospective client or current client(s) from any litigation down the line.

7. Rental agreement

This is a legal contract used by landlords and homeowners to detail the exact requirements for tenants that will rent their property. This template comes in handy if you are renting any type of property.

Whether it’s your forever home or a vacation house, this template will take care of this aspect with ease. Now, you don’t have to go through the stress of drafting a rental agreement from scratch anymore. The moment a tenant signs the lease online, the template immediately creates a secure PDF house rental agreement that will comprise the contact’s information, rules of the property, and e-signatures that are legally binding.

The template features a drag-and-drop PDF Editor, and you can add detailed terms of the lease, like fees and security deposits, rent, maintenance and repairs, and other restrictions. Now, you and your tenant can access the template’s automatically saved PDF copy of the rental agreement on any device.

The copy is available for print and can also be downloaded for record purposes. If you wish, you can automatically send a copy of the agreement to the tenant.

8. Business Contract – Partnership Agreement

This is a formal contract between two or more parties who want to set up and run a business ( often for profit) together. A partnership agreement is vital to establish terms and conditions that’ll help resolve potential disputes in the future.

Whether you’re about to enter into a business partnership contract or you’re an attorney, you can save some much-needed time drafting partnership agreements by using this free partnership agreement template.

All you need to do is enter the necessary details about the partnership on this easy-to-use form. Immediately, the template will generate PDFs that contain data like the agreement terms, partner(s) information in addition to legally binding e-signatures.

Just like the other forms on this list, you can email or download the agreement PDFs, and you can also print them out for future meetings.

The template features a simple drag-and-drop PDF Editor, which you can use to edit the agreement. This includes other terms of your agreement like ownership percentage, the length of the partnership, how profit and loss will be distributed, responsibilities of management, and actions to take if a partner dies or withdraws from the agreement.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also edit the agreement to include the official logo of your company. You can also change the colors and fonts to match your brand’s identity. By taking care of your partnership agreements, you can spend more time growing your company than dealing with mountain loads of legal paperwork.

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