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You’ve practiced your pitch time and time again; now you’ve got it down pat, but you have no PowerPoint design ideas to get started on the slides. You’ve written the most compelling set of words that would make Brian Tracy proud. Now, you need a set of eye-catching pictures together with a captivating and clean template to wow your audience.

This means you have to search the internet for the perfect PowerPoint design idea among several, which could be an arduous task. Ideally, this template should present your ideas in an organized and professional manner. Most importantly, the design should leave a mark on your audience, and it should also keep them eager that they want to know more about your offering.

When making presentations to a corporate audience, the best PPT templates to go for are those with clean themes – i.e. PowerPoint design ideas and templates that are not chock-full of graphics, loud colors, or overflowing with other design elements. If you need something a bit more specific, here are some top website design proposal templates, one-page resume templates, business contract templates and proposal examples.

If you are the type that avoids fussy or over-the-top design in your presentation, then you are set on the right path with clean PowerPoint design ideas. Sometimes, they may consist of simple lines and minimal graphics and colors, but that’s more than enough to convey your message. Keep in mind that the best designs possess that wow effect that surpasses the popular creative themes. Also, don’t let their simplicity or near minimalist look mislead you. Of all the PPT themes, clean PowerPoint templates bring your message to life with powerful graphic clarity at the same time, wowing your audience with its understated appeal.

With this in mind, and knowing how difficult it is to search for the best among the rest, we bring you a carefully compiled list of the latest clean PowerPoint templates trending in 2021. As you read on, you’ll discover simple yet stylish clean themes that not only would give life to your ideas but would keep your audience transfixed to the screen. What’s more, many of these templates are free! Did you get that? They won’t cost you a dime.

Be sure to use a secure document sharing tool to protect your data and improve your document workflow when you share your presentation with a client, customer or colleage.

10 Clean PowerPoint Design Ideas Templates to Wow Your Audience at Your Next Presentation

Cleira PowerPoint Template

Cleira PowerPoint Design Template – Paid

Cleira is, without a doubt, the poster child of clean PowerPoint templates design. Although this fantastic creation from Envato might not feature the bold and colorful visuals of other creative PowerPoint templates, however, it possesses the same wow effect. Unlike the Process Free PowerPoint template, Cleira comes at a price but luckily, it’s affordable. With over 150+ slide designs, 5 pre-made color themes, pixel-perfect infographics, and easily editable graphics, you’ll come out feeling like The Cleira PPT template you just paid for is more than worth it. It would also give your PowerPoint presentation that authentic professional look you’ve always envied in colleagues’ project work.

Green Marketing PowerPoint Design Template

Green Marketing PowerPoint Design Template – Free

The Green Marketing PowerPoint template definitely ticks all the boxes of what it takes to be a clean-cut PPT design. It is a free design offered by Slides carnival. The theme may be minimalist, but its bright green accent and design elements give the entire template an equal dose of superior professionalism and attractiveness at the same time. You can use Green Marketing as a Google slide theme or PowerPoint template. All the elements – icons, colors, charts, graphs, tables, texts, photos, and page layouts – are 100% customizable and can be tweaked however you want to showcase your next project.

Headline PowerPoint Design Template

Headline PowerPoint Design Template– Paid

The Headline presentation template is another masterpiece you will find on Envato. Not only are the slides elegant, but they are also a good fit for those that want a simple theme to present their images without being overly colorful. You can use the Headline PPT template in almost all fields – IT, finance, marketing, health, graphic agency, and many others. Like all Envato designs, this design is premium. It contains 30 unique slides, customizable graphics, free web fonts, is easy to use, and overall will help you present your ideas like a pro.

Simple PowerPoint Design Template

Simple PowerPoint Design Template – Paid

Simple PowerPoint template is an undeniably stunning theme that will make even the most boring of presentations pop. The design is premium and works for various purposes, such as business plans, training sessions, or pitch decks. More interestingly, the Simple design includes easily customizable animations, transitions, 16 theme colors, 32 pre-made colors, various editable infographics, maps, charts, and free fonts.

Botanical PowerPoint Design Template

Botanical PowerPoint Design Template – Free

Are you looking for a floral-themed design that is neither fussy nor depressingly stark to present your upcoming fashion, gardening, or decoration project? Don’t look too far! The Botanical PowerPoint template with its easy-to-change 25 slides, colors, charts, graphs, tables, and 80 different icons will do the trick. Each slide also comes with plants and flower infographics that make them ideal for talks on gardening, nature, and cosmetics.

Morgen PowerPoint Design Template

Morgen PowerPoint Design Template – Free

If the Cleira design is the poster child of clean PowerPoint presentation templates, then Morgen is a strong contender that can easily unseat the former. The Morgen PowerPoint theme is a simple yet sophisticated design that will keep your audience transfixed without missing a beat. For a free design, Morgen features are nothing short of amazing. It comes fully loaded with 15 unique slides – from slides with high-quality images and tables to slides with flowcharts and graphs. Furthermore, like the previously mentioned PPT templates, Morgen is entirely editable, meaning; you can tweak it to your heart’s content.

Arley PowerPoint Design Template

Arley PowerPoint Design Template – Free

For people who want something vibrant and tastefully colorful but not overwhelming, the Arley PowerPoint template is the answer. The cool slide layouts, images, and captivating mixture of royal yellow and banana yellow colors of the Arley PPT theme infuse the design with energy and Optimism. These attributes altogether keep the audience eagerly looking forward to what you got on the next slide.

Colm PowerPoint Design Template – Free

Colm is another top-notch clean PowerPoint template that can rival the appeal of any creative PPT design. Despite the bold use of colors in the slides, the template still retains the organized and sophisticated designs in its category. Colm features 20 different editable slides, high-pixel vector graphics, charts, graphs, and tables. The template can also be exported or converted to PDF, JPG, or sent by email.

Educate PowerPoint Design Template

Educate PowerPoint Design Template – Paid

If you’re searching for PowerPoint design ideas for education, true to its name, the Educate PowerPoint Template is a simple and tastefully designed PPT template created by Aqrstudio on Envato. It features a cool, modern look that can work for several formal presentations – business reporting, branding, and many other types of corporate presentations. Notwithstanding that the original design came with educational-inspired elements, you can add, remove, resize or rearrange any of the slides and photos to fit your particular need or field. This template is perfect for teachers, tutors and teaching assistants running virtual classrooms.

The evenly spaced slide layouts make the presentation contents easy to see and read. In addition, there is the drag and drop feature and image placeholders that help keep your photo easily editable and in place. What’s even more exciting is that Educate can play animated graphics, which can transform the most bored audience into avid listeners. This is a perfect template for distance learning and remote education scenarios.

Omnet PowerPoint Design Template

Omnet PowerPoint Design Template – Paid

Are you looking to show a potential client or investor your high level of professionalism and work ethic in a business proposal, contract, pitch deck or executive summary? The Omnet PowerPoint template will do that for you. Even with its fresh-looking design, the 30-slide PowerPoint template has such a huge appeal, and your audience will remember you for a long time.

To cater to the diverse needs of customers, Omnet comes with a light and dark version, 3 pre-made theme colors, and 30 unique slides you can play around with to create a memorable presentation.
Without mincing words, Omnet’s slides are diverse. There are slides to show your business and project milestones and timeline to your team members. Among the 30 pre-made slides, you’ll find a template to pitch your business to investors or create your monthly sales review. What about slides that you could use to update the top management about project status or organize your team’s project? They’ve got that too!

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